Due to popular demand, we offer a number of different sports coaching services. These range from coaches for teams, to coaches offering individual attention such a personal trainers and private tuition for football players, tennis players, skiers… the list goes on!

Why sports coaching?

When it comes to sports, the sky really is the limit. The skills you gain from playing a sport – dexterity, agility, as well as social skills such as teamwork – alongside the benefits to your health and happiness that you achieve from exercise can make all the difference to your life. So whatever your goals may be, it’s worth receiving the professional attention of an experienced private tutor.

Why Tavistock Tutors?

This is what we offer – personalised, focused support. At Tavistock Tutors, we meet all of our tutors to make sure that they have the personality needed to provide the best tuition for our students, which means that they are friendly, confident, persuasive but patient at the same time.

Additionally, our coaches work holistically – as well as professional insight into the skill of their sport, tutors offer diet and lifestyle advice to help you fulfil your ambitions.

Sports coaching is about you: supporting you to make sure that you are happy and confident whilst achieving your goals. Overall, each of our sports coaches will work with you to create a training programme that is tailored to your needs and ambitions, and that works for you, so that it is achievable.

Our coaches are available throughout London. Rates start at £40 per hour and increase with the experience of an individual tutor. If you’re looking for a sports coach, please contact our team for more information or to book your first session and get started as soon as possible.