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Tavistock Tutors is proud to offer tuition in Beijing.

Tavistock Tutors has a wealth of experience placing residential tutors with families internationally. We regularly provide international tuition for students in Beijing and understand the particular challenges involved in moving between British and Chinese education systems. Whether you need a short-term residential tutor for exam revision, a longer-term placement for intensive language learning, or guidance on school and university applications, Tavistock Tutors will find the perfect tutor for you.

There is nothing like a residential native-speaker to accelerate language learning, and our international tutors have had some really remarkable results with students in Beijing. Spending so much time with their students allows our tutors to get to know them really well and tailor their programme of study extremely closely to individual needs. It also means that conversation quickly begins to develop more naturally and exceptional progress is made even outside formal lessons. A residential tutor can easily immerse their student in English, making the process of language leaning both more natural and more fun. We can also arrange international tuition over Skype.

In the run-up to important exams, a residential tutor can provide a huge boost to your child’s revision schedule. Having a dedicated tutor on hand can make all the difference to a student’s confidence. Residential tuition is an ideal way to create a structured environment for intensive study. Our residential tutors are experienced in making the most of this opportunity to help their students achieve their goals. Travelling tutors can accompany you abroad and help combine your much-needed holiday with expertly focussed study.

Our dedicated international tutors can help prepare your children for school or university in the UK. We have considerable experience preparing students for admission to top schools and have specialist international tutors who can help students prepare for specific tests. Tavistock Tutors can advise you on the UK education system at school and university level and help to make sure students are well-prepared for competitive admissions processes.

Our international tutors also have a great deal of experience helping ease the transition for families relocating to Beijing. We understand that a change in education system can seem daunting but we have a great deal of experience helping students settle in to a new way of learning. We have international tutors experienced in residential tuition over the long- and short-term who can support you before and after your move.

Tavistock international tutors are highly-qualified with degrees from top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. They are very experienced tutors, knowledgeable in their subjects as well as being approachable, friendly and effective teachers. Our tutors are enthusiastic learners and high-achievers, keen to pass their love of their subject to their students.

Our professional international tutors can help with the following:

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Home Schooling

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Prepare for a British School or University

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Exam Preparation

International Tutor Prices

Each and every international tutoring request is different and therefore the prices of each request varies based on your requirements.

Clients cover the cost of: flights, accomodation and meals.

Our international tutors usually charge a minimum of 4-5 hours per day, 7 days a week (tutors may require a larger or smaller minimum number of hours per day and might not always require 7 days a week).

The hourly rates for our international tutors starts at £40 per hour. Some of our most experienced tutors charge rates upwards of £100 per hour up to £250 per hour.

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