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Contact Tavistock Tutors for Your Bespoke Tutor Search

You can contact Tavistock Tutors with your tutoring requirements by phone, by email or you can search through our tutors and submit a booking form.

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Book Your Tutor

The team at Tavistock Tutors will run a personalised tutor search using your tutoring requirements. You will then be sent an email with the inspirational candidates that best suit your needs.

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Book Your Tutor

The team at Tavistock Tutors will run a personalised tutor search using your tutoring requirements. You will then be sent an email with the inspirational candidates that best suit your needs.

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Attend Your Lesson

The tutor you choose to work with will get in touch with you directly to book in an initial lesson. Lessons can take place in a student’s home, in a public place or online over video call.

Customer Videomonials

SCOTT – Parent Testimonial

Scott has used Tavistock Tutors for over 5 years for both his children. Find out more about how Tavistock Tutors helped his children achieve their goals.

JAKE – Student Testimonial

Jake started using Tavistock Tutors to help elevate his grades. Find out more about how Tavistock Tutors helped him to achieve his goals.

RACHEL – Parent Testimonial

Rachel mother of four children and former teacher and teacher trainer. Watch to find out more about her experience and why she chose Tavistock Tutors.

Private Tuition

We founded Tavistock Tutors because, like you, we just weren’t getting a kick out of what we were learning at school.
All of our tutors are here to make your learning fun, so fun that you’ll actually want to listen. Crazy, we know. They communicate their expertise and knowledge in engaging ways to make sure that you truly benefit from your lessons.
We also know that one size can never really fit all, so you won’t find any pre-
packaged deals here. Our educational consultants will match you with your perfect tutor suited to your needs. All of our tutors have degree-level qualifications, with most of them holding degrees from world-renowned academic institutions such as Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.
Call us today and we’ll tell you more.

Professional Tutors

All of our private educators are professionals within their field of expertise and are qualified to extremely high standards. With over ten years of experience, Tavistock Tutors are experts at inspiring students.
Tavistock Tutors always deliver and are renowned for being reliable and efficient with specialist knowledge across all ages and stages of education.

We also provide international tutors, as Tavistock Tutors have partnerships with many concierge agencies from around the world along with illustrious education organisations.

Tavistock Tutors provide professional private
tutoring for all subjects throughout London
as well as internationally.

Online Tutoring

One to One Tutoring

An online lesson is efficient at delivering the one to one learning experience, with more flexibility.

Shared Documents

By using online technology, tutors can share documents and resources with students online.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with your tutor and show them your work in real-time.


Use innovative whiteboard technology to work together by writing, typing or drawing diagrams to make lessons more engaging and fulfilling.

International Tutoring

Private tutors anywhere in the world

We specialise with tutors in the London area, but many of our tutors are available to fly anywhere across the globe at a moment’s notice.
They provide specialist guidance across a diverse range of subjects, as well as providing preparation advice for entrance exams to UK and US leading academic institutions.

Live in tutors to suit your lifestyle

Our International Tutors often reside with the family they are working for, so that they are always available to suit your lifestyle. Tutors can also stay in hotels or apartments nearby.
Our international tutors bring their knowledge and expertise to you, as they cater to your needs from the comfort of your home.

Rigorous recruitment process

We only the hire the best tutors who are not just well-qualified, but also have the ideal personality for teaching.
Our tutors all have degree-level qualifications, with the majority of them having graduated from leading academic institutions.
We know how important it is to have a tutor you can relate to, so our tutors are guaranteed to make lessons fun, engaging and stimulating!

  • In the beginning of university terms I was struggling with a few assignments (statistics and research methods specifically). I had contacted many tutoring companies but non of them were able to meet my requirements i.e. some of them were just looking to get their money, some had conditions of how many session you could book and some didn't have the necessary qualifications that were suited for my needs.I had then found Tavistock tutors, they put me through with one of their best statistical tutors they had. I got an email straight away from her and we started working on the assignment and in a few sessions, the assignment was all up to date and I was ready to submit it with great confidence.Tavistock tutors is an amazing company that is worth the investment, they provide you with top class tutors, continuous support outside your lessons as well as being able to match you up with the correct tutor. whenever I need a tutor, all I do is message them on WhatsApp with my requirements and in a day or two, they've found me a perfect tutor.So far I've had great success with tutors in the fields of statistics and research methods as well as medicine related. Really happy with the services I've been given, don't be put of by the membership price, its worth it ;).
    Eyup Ozcan
    Eyup Ozcan
    14:43 24 Feb 20
    Great service, friendly staff and prompt customer service. Highly qualified selection of tutors and decent price for security and piece of mind.
    Muna Ali
    Muna Ali
    11:48 29 Jan 20
    By far the best tutoring agency I have ever worked with!
    natalie kanfer
    natalie kanfer
    15:32 21 Jan 20
    Tavistock tutors is by far the best tutor agency is London. The tutor selection is of the highest quality. Handpicked from the British intellectual elite in all sorts of disciplines. The staff is wonderfully helpful as well as being extremely attentive to feedback.
    Melodie Argi
    Melodie Argi
    08:14 18 Oct 19
    I have been employed as a tutor with Tavistock Tutors for over 5 years. I tutor mathematics and also help people with job preparation for different career routes (cv, cover letter, interview preparation and online test prep).They are simply a wonderful team of individuals who work collectively and strive to deliver the best possible service to both clients and their tutors. They work doggedly to achieve results.They are particularly honest and their feedback to tutors on how to improve is tailored, concise and always highly constructive. Even after 5 yrs, they only put me forward as a tutor if they think I am the absolute best they can find otherwise they are honest with me and explain why I was not put forward. I think this transparency is a huge reason for their success and keeps the best tutors on their books for years.Their communication on what a client wants is also clinically precise and effective and the team go out of their way to provide potential interests/passions of the client to help the tutor prepare accordingly for the lessons and nurture that interaction.Simply the finest agency and I have tutored with some of the best. World-class tutors and utmost confidentiality with respect to their clientele.I cannot be happier to work for them, a dream job with a team whose capacity for kindness, empathy and boundless intellect never ceases to amaze me. Their work ethic inspires me to relentlessly push myself to be a better tutor with their encouragement and constructive feedback.
    Henry Smith
    Henry Smith
    22:27 17 Oct 19
    Best tutors in London!Great experience and amazing customer service. Highly recommend, my tutors were all fantastic and a huge help. Really recommend Tavistock Tutors as I never had to worry about not getting the highest quality tutors unlike other agencies and online tutors.
    Albert Tam
    Albert Tam
    20:50 17 Oct 19
    I’ve used Tavistock multiple times and they never disappoint!I used them for myself secondary school, whilst at university and even now whilst working. Their service is second to none as are their tutors. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to better themselves academically or personally.
    I ME
    I ME
    16:13 17 Oct 19
    Amazing experience, the tutor was reliable, knowledgeable and reasonably priced and the company was both professional and reliable. Definitely will be using them again!
    Jonathan Aaron
    Jonathan Aaron
    16:39 01 Aug 19
    I used Tavistock for some Corporate Finance and Financial Modelling training at my firm. They were extremely helpful and the trainer, Simon, was of top quality, experience and charged a fair price. Thank you!
    David T
    David T
    16:34 01 Aug 19
    I had a fantastic experience with my tutor Elena and Tavistock Tutors. They were very well organized and made the entire experience so seamless and easy for me. I passed my assignment with great marks and the experience was much less stressful than if I had tried to complete the assignment without Elena's help.
    Olivia Pluss
    Olivia Pluss
    11:05 13 Jun 19
    My child used Glenda for HL biology. Glenda was outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend her. Extremely intelligent, always prepared, knows how to teach/very helpful, and also just a nice person. Also, I would use Tavistock again for sure because we had such success with Glenda.
    J Mathews
    J Mathews
    11:27 22 May 19
    Tavistock Tutors were a delight to deal with, and highly professional at all times. They provided my daughter with an excellent tutor at very short notice - after my having approached them on a Thursday urgently requesting a tutor for that weekend. Tavistock Tutors immediately gave the matter their attention; they appreciated the urgency and responded quickly and efficiently, and helped to set my daughter up with exactly the right sort of tutor. Fantastic!
    Alan Radford
    Alan Radford
    09:34 09 May 19
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