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International Tutoring at Tavistock

How We Can Help

Pupils based outside of the UK are supported by our network of vastly-experienced residential tutors who are available to fly from London to any location across the globe at just a moment’s notice; no request is too hard for Tavistock Tutors to organise.

These tutors often reside with the family they are working for; tutors have previously stayed in family homes, on family yachts or in arranged accommodation such as a hotel or apartment.

International Tutor Prices

Because of the bespoke nature of International Tutoring, each request is treated on an individual basis and therefore the price of each request varies based on your requirements and needs.

Clients are expected to cover the cost of flights and accommodation.

Our international tutors usually charge a minimum of 4-5 hours per day.

We pride ourselves on having the finest tutors in London, and their hourly rates reflect that. The hourly rates for our International Tutors start at £50 per hour.

Some of our most experienced tutors charge rates upwards of £100 per hour, often with the ability to tutor in a vast array of subjects whilst on residential placements.

Our international tutors can fly anywhere around the globe.

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I first became passionate about writing in Year 8 when I began to see my writing improve from using basic connectives. Suddenly, I felt in control of my words and it became easier to interpret different view points and analyse varying interpretations. This gave me confidence in a lot of subjects as I started my GCSEs. More specifically, I began...

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Simon H

My approach to private tuition reflects the fact that for accounting and all areas related to corporate finance and private equity, it is vital for students to understand the underlying principles and concepts correctly from the outset. Much confusion and many errors arise in these subjects because they have been taught incorrectly or inconsistently and students are struggling to follow...

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Emma C

My approach to private tuition is very much the same as my thorough teaching within the classrooms of the four independent schools I have had the pleasure of working in: create very clear, tangible goals for each of my students with a dash of good Northern humour and kindness to truly bring their self-confidence and ambitions to the surface. I...

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Although I believe that it is important to tailor my approach to the needs of every particular student, I like to use an interactive Cambridge-style method of tutoring. Instead of giving outright answers to my students, I pose questions in order to navigate them through the relevant issue to a logical conclusion. This way, my students feel the sense of...

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Building up from core principles, my teaching method involves learning the essential base knowledge of the topics and then progressively building on the basics. My courses in investment and development modelling are structured so that we go step by step building upon the basic financial math and simple cash flow models to a comprehensive investment appraisal model. My teaching always includes...

28 Happy students this year

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