Tavistock Tutors was founded in 2009 with a goal to create the most tutor friendly agency that would attract and retain the best talent by offering tutors:

1) Payment at the end of each lesson (instead of monthly).
2) A management team who are easy to communicate with.
3) Flexible hourly rates based on an individuals experience and qualifications (no set rates).

We receive a large number of applications per-week and are looking for the most qualified, communicative and committed tutors.


· Have experience tutoring and or teaching in a classroom.
· Achieved the highest results within their class and throughout their academic careers.
· Excelled in academia, sport and or music.


· Passionate about their subject.
· Well prepared, interesting and can engage with their students.
· Delivers fun and productive lessons.


· A minimum commitment of one academic year.
· Dedication to their students.
· Will communicate progress to both the student, their parents and the agency.
· Touches base with Tavistock Tutors regularly.