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We know that private tuition can be hit and miss, but at Tavistock Tutors, we always strive to get it right. Here’s why:

Ever wondered how our agency has grown from only a few students and tutors in our home to an international network in a swanky Mayfair office? While you’re relaxing, we’re scouring the best educational fairs in the country to find our perfect tutors. Who wants to go out on a Friday night anyway?

We know that there’s nothing worse than being stood up, so we get back to you faster than any other tutoring agency in London.

It gets better. We’re basically the matchmakers of the private tuition world, which is why we don’t waste time sending you any old average joe. Every child is different, and we make sure we find a tutor that understands their needs before sending anyone your way.

For us, personality matters. Our tutors may be brainiacs, but by no means are they boring. They provide fun and engaging lessons in an informal setting, so that you can enjoy a cup of tea while you study, far from the stressful classroom environment.

Want a tutor who speaks ten languages and also happens to be a professional xylophonist? I mean, realistically they don’t exist, but we’d find you the closest match. The rumours are true, we’ve never refused a client for any subject and we work every day to keep up our good track record.

One more thing. Did you know that the average person fails 3.8 times before they succeed? Lucky for you, at Tavistock Tutors we’re far from average and that’s why our success rates are so high. Our tutors are punctual, professional and highly qualified, as we only hire from the best universities to ensure that they have the experience and knowledge to satisfy our clients.

Now that we’ve tempted you, take a look at our tutors below and book your first session with us today.

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020 7803 1190

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Tavistock Tutors
174 New Bond Street

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Monday - Friday 7am-8pm

What our students say:

Very Helpful

"I used Tavistock Tutors when studying for my A Level. After positive encouragement I managed to get into University"

Really Enjoyed

"I really enjoyed mathematics with Rob. I learnt how to combine logic and reasoning to tackle any math problem. Thanks Rob sir for your guidance."

Extremely Impressed

"Extremely impressed with Tavistock Tutors. They found a fantastic tutor for my son and I cannot recommend them highly enough."


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History – up to undergraduate
International Relations – Undergraduate
English Literature – up to A-Level
Essay Writing and Proofreading
Personal Statements
Oxbridge Applications


Charlotte H

History of Art – Up to Undergraduate Level
University applications for History of Art



Finance – Up to Postgraduate Level
Economics – Up to Postgraduate Level
Business – Up to Postgraduate Level

Johanna Private Tutor


11+ (English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning)
English up to 1st year undergraduate
English as a Foreign Language

Alastair Private Tutor


History up to A-Level
German up to A-Level
Primary English and Maths
Oxbridge Applications

Christina Private Tutor

Christina L

Modern Greek to undergraduate-professional level
Ancient Greek to GCSE
English as a Foreign Language (A1-B2 level, IELTS preparation)

Nick Private Tutor

Nicholas C

Philosophy and Logic up to Graduate
Writing Skills and Critical Thinking A-Level


William E

Medical School Interview Preparation
Biology A-Level



7+, 8+ and 11+ and 13+ Exam preparation
Interview Technique
English up to Masters
History up to GCSE
Personal Statement and Oxbridge Entrance

Maria Private Tutor

Maria N

Biology up to A-Level
Chemistry up to A-Level
Physics up to GCSE
Maths up to GCSE

Emily Private Tutor

Emily S

English Literature (to GCSE)
English Language including IGCSE (to GCSE)
Literacy skills (to GCSE)
Reading skills
Creative Writing
Essay writing skills/support
UCAS Personal Statements
Dissertation writing support

Helena Private Tutor

Helena C

History of Art up to undergraduate level
French up to A-Level
English Literature up to A-Level
Essay Writing
Cover Letter Writing



Mathematics up to A-Level
Physics up to A-Level
Chemistry up to A-Level
ICT up to GCSE
Computer Science up to A-Level
Computer Programming – C, C++, Java, Python, SQL, Matlab
Web Development – HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, WordPress

Rhiannon Private Tutor

Rhiannon C

Physics up to A-Level
Chemistry up to GCSE
Biology up to GCSE
Personal statement assistance and UCAS applications

Michael Private Tutor

Michael O

Law Undergraduate & Postgraduate:
Land Law
Contract Law
Employment Law
Human Rights Law

Here are some examples of the areas we cover in London: