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Experienced residential tutors in Sydney

Tavistock Tutors are pleased to be able to provide residential travelling tutors in Baku, with a network of the very best tutors from the United Kingdom. Our Baku tutors offer guidance for the selection and admission preparation to the most prestigious schools and universities in the UK and USA. The Baku tutors also support pupils planning to enter a local school in Baku or Azerbaijan, with a wealth of local expertise and contacts at our disposal.

Travelling tutors in Sydney

Here at Tavistock Tutors, we have travelling tutors who move around the globe. We are pleased to be able to offer tutoring in Sydney for families moving to the Harbour City, students going on holiday there or students who are coming to England. All of our tutors have a wealth of experience; many of them are Oxbridge graduates with first class degrees in their chosen subject. Our tutors all undergo a stringent selection process to ensure that they match Tavistock Tutors’ professional standards. Our tutors have mastered their subjects and are also passionate about teaching.

International tuition for moving to the UK from Australia

It is important to get to grips with the British education system before moving to the country – tutoring will ensure you remain a step ahead. We have tutors who are well versed in interviews and exams that high-achieving universities and schools often carry out. Having a Tavistock Tutor means that you will know you’re getting the best possible guidance and preparation for this critical time in your educational career. Many of our tutors have been through these exams and interviews themselves and will know exactly what you’re going through. Moving can be stressful, at Tavistock Tutors we do all we can to eliminate this stress by making the educational switchover as simple as possible and by making sure you are prepared for anything the interviews or exams can throw at you.

Residential tuition for vacationers in Sydney

Many students find themselves taking long trips over the summer break from university or shorter breaks during the Christmas and Easter holidays. Over these relaxing periods it is important not to lose focus as they are often succeeded by exams and essay hand-ins. Our tutors are available to fly out to Sydney for the short- or long-term in order to help you with whatever you may be facing when you get back – be this exams, essays or a dissertation. Tutoring over the summer period can also be a helpful way to make sure that you do not fall behind before the new academic year starts; a few sessions a week will help you to stay on top of your game.

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International Tutor Prices

Each and every international tutoring request is different and therefore the prices of each request varies based on your requirements.

Clients cover the cost of: flights, accomodation and meals.

Our international tutors usually charge a minimum of 4-5 hours per day, 7 days a week (tutors may require a larger or smaller minimum number of hours per day and might not always require 7 days a week).

The hourly rates for our international tutors starts at £40 per hour. Some of our most experienced tutors charge rates upwards of £100 per hour up to £250 per hour.

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