Why Use Tavistock Tutors?

Bespoke Service

At Tavistock Tutors, we take the job of matching a student with a tutor very seriously indeed.

Our educational consultants will ask a series of questions about how you would like to conduct your lessons, and then they will try to match you with an expert tutor personalised to your individual needs.

We are proud to go the extra mile, and always make sure we have as many details as possible from you, so we are able to provide a tutor who is not just good: but great. With over 10 years’ experience, we can organise lessons immediately after a request is made. 80% of our tutors are placed on the very same day. Specific requests can take slightly longer, but we promise to keep clients updated once a request exceeds 3 days.

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Our selection process is rigorous and bespoke. There are plenty of graduates looking for work as tutors, but the team at Tavistock Tutors works tirelessly to find only the most experienced, engaging and passionate around.

Only 35% of the candidates that we meet become tutors with Tavistock Tutors. We provide only the very best around.

Tutors have pictures and videos on their profiles so you can get a good idea of what they are like before you start your lessons.

Quality Tavistock Tutors

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Efficient Placements

Tavistock Tutors usually find a suitable tutor within a few hours.

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In-depth Recruitment Process

Tavistock Tutors has an in-depth recruitment process ensuring we offer the best tutors.

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Goal Achievement Agency

We use goal achievement rates to measure the success rates of our tutors and as a company we have helped 93% of our students achieve their goals.

Hourly Rates & Commission

The Tavistock Tutors hourly rates are extremely competitive.

The starting rate for GCSE level and below is £50 per hour, at A-Level it is £60 per hour and at undergraduate level and above it is £70 per hour. Some of our more experienced tutors do charge higher rates (our most experienced charge £250 per hour). The average hourly rate at Tavistock Tutors is £75 per hour.

Many of our competitors charge a starting rate of £60 per hour.

You might be wondering: how are your tutors able to charge such low fees? Good question!

Tavistock Tutors takes an industry-low commission of 25% + VAT. Some of our competitors are known to take 50%! If the hourly rate is £67, then our tutor receives £50. For the tutor to receive the same amount at many of our competitor agencies, you would be charged £100.

For this reason, we are highly popular with both tutors and clients: providing them with the best working rate, and you with the best teaching there is.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Rachel – Parent

Scott has used Tavistock Tutors for over 5 years for both his children. Find out more about how Tavistock Tutors helped his children achieve their goals.

Kevin – Partner

Jake started using Tavistock Tutors to help elevate his grades. Find out more about how Tavistock Tutors helped him to achieve his goals.

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