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Tavistock Tutors is proud to offer tuition in Dubai.

Tavistock Tutors provides private tuition in Dubai with operations across the United Arab Emirates. Our travelling Dubai tutors have helped students achieve top results, whether it’s gaining a place at a top UK private school like Eton, Westminster or Harrow, or receiving one of those prized places at hallowed institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. Many of our Dubai tutors have provided academic support with improving English language skills for entry into these top establishments, which is of course key if you are going to seriously compete with the numerous candidates who apply. English tuition in Dubai is growing in popularity with limited tutors available so book now to ensure your success as a candidate.The Dubai tutors we provide can help with the following examination preparation:Although most of our Dubai tutors are graduates from Oxford and Cambridge, we also provide tutors from the top universities in the USA to help with American university applications: Harvard, Yale, Brown, you name it, we’ve got it. Our professional tutors have extensive experience with one-to-one teaching, collectively covering all subjects and levels, and every Dubai tutor is an expert in their chosen field.In addition, we can arrange consultation with our esteemed educational consultants to help navigate through the often complicated entrance requirements and processes around the world. These consultants can help with interviews, examinations and any other part of the admissions process, with particular expertise in the 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-level and Bachelor Degree stages.

Residential placements are offered to students who are residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the United Arab Emirates. You may be looking for a tutor over the school holidays, or for a tutor to live in during the academic year. In either situation, a Tavistock Tutor is on hand to travel and to help you in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Tutors offer short-term or longer-term placements, which can be arranged within the 24-hours after you make contact.

Skype tuition is also available from our London based tutors with a range of software at the disposal of our clients. This specialized platform enhances the inline teaching experience, which helps mirror something close to face-to-face tuition. This might be the best option for you were you not looking for international home visits or short-term and long-term placements. It is also a popular choice amongst clients who wish to continue lessons with the same tutor as they travel from place to place.

Our professional international tutors can help with the following:

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Home Schooling

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Prepare for a British School or University

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Exam Preparation

International Tutor Prices

Each and every international tutoring request is different and therefore the prices of each request varies based on your requirements.

Clients cover the cost of: flights, accomodation and meals.

Our international tutors usually charge a minimum of 4-5 hours per day, 7 days a week (tutors may require a larger or smaller minimum number of hours per day and might not always require 7 days a week).

The hourly rates for our international tutors starts at £40 per hour. Some of our most experienced tutors charge rates upwards of £100 per hour up to £250 per hour.

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