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Tavistock Tutors offer motivational tutors in the London area. Motivation is the will or drive to do something to the best of your ability. The lack of it, is the single biggest reason behind a failure to reach goals or targets. Equally, when it comes to motivation each person is different, what motivates one person can actually de-motivate another. Unlike almost every other subject we offer, there is no formal qualification that makes someone a good motivator. However, our interview process allows us to gain a deep insight into our prospective tutors. As a result, we understand what makes them tick and we use our years of experience to judge their ability as motivators, so that only the very best get passed on to you.

Our most common clients in this area are parents of students who lack the necessary motivation. Our tutors understand both the general issues behind the lack of motivation and the more individual issues. Common causes include a social issue within a friend group, bullying, depression, poor teaching, or a simple attack of the teenage blues. More importantly, because of the diverse background of our tutors we can provide you with more than just another teacher to add to you child’s problems. We will use our educational consultants to find someone who specialises in dealing with the issues your child is facing. They will arrive fully briefed and with a wide array of strategies to restore your child’s motivation. These are based on being able to relate to and empathise with the student.

Tavistock Tutors prides itself on its diversity. So we deal with motivation of all types. We also have tutors that can cure that case of work place apathy that is holding your career back, or stopping you from keeping that New Year’s resolution to keep fit. From lesson 1, they will work out what is holding you back and create the kind of improvement that will motivate you towards your goals.

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Mariam B

As a student in university I struggled with the shift, from the demands of A Levels versus the demands of further education. In the final year of my undergraduate degree I made a lot of changes in how I approached my work. I realised that in further education, it is not enough to simply be smart and memorise the content....

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Nicholas C

In general tuition should be an antidote to school teaching. I offer a non-school approach that treats the student as an individual. There is no one method of one to one tuition because every student is unique. The right approach is to work with the student to find a method that works for them and I enjoy the puzzle of working...

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William C

All students learn differently and I find a long-term working relationship with my students and their parents helpful in order to monitor progress and return to recurring difficulties. Tailoring my teaching style to the particular needs and desired learning outcomes of each student is central to my tutoring. When tackling challenging topics it is vital to stimulate the students' interest...

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Learning Motivation

We spend time carefully finding and interviewing tutors so that you can get the perfect match quickly and easily. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your tutor, we will find a replacement for free.

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