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    My Experience

    I began tutoring after graduating from the IB when contacted by two students from my old school seeking help with MYP maths. As I took on students needing tutoring in IB English and History, however, I realised that this is where my passion lies. I am also enthusiastic about helping students get into the university of their choice and provided personal statement services to an IB student applying for PPE courses at top London universities, including King’s College, Imperial College and the LSE. With both my sister and I having attended Cambridge and Oxford, respectively, I am familiar with the institutional requirements and application processes of both institutions and am enthusiastic and well-placed to help potential candidates gain their desired placement at one of these universities! I have significant experience in the following areas:

    i. English, Maths, History and Swedish tutoring for IB MYP grades 4-10 (Southbank Intl. School and Halcyon Intl. London School).
    ii. IB-level English HL, Swedish HL and History HL tuition, essay-writing skills and exam-preparation (Southbank Intl. School, Halcyon Intl. School).
    iii. Supporting university applications – personal statement writing (IB student at Southbank International School applying for PPE at King’s College, Imperial College, and the LSE).
    iv. Language tutoring – English and Swedish. Native speaker of both. TEFL-certified.

    As a professional writer, editor and translator, I was delighted to be invited to deliver a guest-seminar to creative-writing students at Sorbonne University, Paris in autumn 2018 and I am proud to continue providing guidance to budding creative writers.

    Subjects I teach

    History – to IB, AS/A-Level
    English – to IB, AS/A-Level
    Personal Statement
    Essay Writing
    Motivation, Exam Preparation and Study Skills
    Creative Writing

    My Qualifications

    Speaker at the Sorbonne University, Paris
    – Invited to deliver a guest-seminar to creative-writing students.

    Research presented at the Centre for Islamic Studies, University of Oxford
    – Invited to present my master’s research dissertation before an audience of scholars and postgraduate students.

    Research published in University of Sussex undergraduate history journal

    MSt Global and Imperial History
    St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford
    Result: 2:1
    Dissertation grade: 67%

    BA (Joint Hons) in English Literature and History
    University of Sussex (Ranked 1st in the UK for History and 9th in the UK for English Literature in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework)
    Result: 1st (Hons) 74%
    History dissertation grade: 90%
    English dissertation grade: 74%

    IB Diploma
    Southbank International School, Westminster, London
    Result: 37/45 points
    HL: History (6) English (5) Swedish (6)
    SL: Biology (5) Maths studies (7) Geography (6)
    (Bilingual Diploma: English and Swedish)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    All students learn differently and I find a long-term working relationship with my students and their parents helpful in order to monitor progress and return to recurring difficulties. Tailoring my teaching style to the particular needs and desired learning outcomes of each student is central to my tutoring. When tackling challenging topics it is vital to stimulate the students’ interest and therefore I try when possible to teach the curriculum using material drawn from real-life, sports or culture, which engages the student.

    Particularly when teaching languages, literature and history, I take care to develop a student’s ability to confidently express their knowledge in a variety of mediums, including writing, verbal discussion and analysis, and oral presentation. Combined with a wide-range of teaching materials that appeal to the individual student, this range of study helps the student to approach unfamiliar exam-settings with a positive sense of their capability and maturely apply their knowledge in academic settings.

    Hoping always to impart my own enthusiasm for learning to my students, I seek to provide students with the analytical and intellectual toolkit necessary to pursue further study outside our sessions, and help them develop academic skills and interests that will serve them throughout their education.

    Fun fact

    I published my first book at 8 years old – a short story about my guinea pig, titled ‘My Friend Nisse’, which won a national creative writing competition.

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