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    My Experience

    Upon completing my masters I began my foundation Loophole as a way of giving back and helping students derive the best from their education. I did so with the sole intention of guiding young students and teaching them skills such as confidence, public speaking and critical thinking- skills not explicitly taught at the university level.

    Since starting, I have had the opportunity to work with a vast array of students (females, males, dyslexic students, older students, diverse students) who have studied a variety of subjects at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, such as Gender and Politics, as well as Graphics and Cyber Security.

    The very first student I worked with was an undergraduate Graphics student returning to university for her final year following a placement year in industry. After supporting her through her dissertation, she was able to achieve a First Class in her dissertation, pushing her final overall grade to an Upper Second Class; which she initially was not predicted to receive upon graduating. Currently, I still mentor her with regards to both her career and personal development.

    Subjects I teach

    For Undergraduates & Postgraduates:

    Academic Writing for Coursework & Dissertation
    Editing Guidance
    Article Reading & Research Guidance
    Quantitative Research
    Research Methodology & Methods
    STATA for Statistical Analysis
    Critical Thinking
    Exam Strategy & Study Tips
    Career Search Process (Applications, Interview Prep, CV & Cover Letter Writing)
    Personal Branding/Marketing
    Public Speaking & Presenting/Confidence
    Business & Finance Content

    My Qualifications

    Postgraduate: Master of Science in International Financial Management
    (Distinction from Queen Mary University of London)
    Quantitative Dissertation (Distinction)
    Undergraduate: Bachelor of Science with Hons in Business Management
    (First Class from Queen Mary University of London)
    Quantitative Dissertation (First Class)
    Alumnus of Common Purpose
    (Trains young leaders across The Commonwealth, who can cross boarders)
    Vice President of QMUL’s African Caribbean Society
    (Received a Special Recognition Award for our efforts in fundraising for charity and was interviewed on TV)
    Sixth Form: A2 in Biology, Chemistry & Psychology (CBB); AS in English Language (B)
    (From Southend High School for Girls Sixth Form)
    Senior Prefect in charge of my own form group

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    As a student in university I struggled with the shift, from the demands of A Levels versus the demands of further education. In the final year of my undergraduate degree I made a lot of changes in how I approached my work. I realised that in further education, it is not enough to simply be smart and memorise the content. University is very much about working smartly.

    Consequently, my approach with students is based on strategy and encouraging you to understand how to apply the theory you are taught in a way that not only is useful for your university work, but most importantly for your future. I engage with students in a way that enables them to think critically, creatively and with confidence so that they are able to produce work of a high standard. In this way, they can begin to fully comprehend what sets apart a top performing of First Class student from the rest.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I am a Semifinalist in Miss England 2019 (the national qualifier for Miss World) and I have been interviewed by BBC Essex Radio!

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