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Tavistock Tutors provide expert home schooling tutors, in-person in London, or online nationally and internationally.

We help students at all academic levels including but not limited to: 7+, 8+, 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A-Level, Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

All tutors are interviewed and tested to ensure they have the experience that is necessary to help you succeed.

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I first became passionate about writing in Year 8 when I began to see my writing improve from using basic connectives. Suddenly, I felt in control of my words and it became easier to interpret different view points and analyse varying interpretations. This gave me confidence in a lot of subjects as I started my GCSEs. More specifically, I began...

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We all differ in intelligence, but intelligence can be changed through sustained hard work. And great tutors motivate their students to work hard by way of their expert subject knowledge, careful preparation, high expectations, friendly rapport – and good measures of common sense and human kindness. My approach to tutoring begins with a candid assessment of a student’s strengths, as well...

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“I aim to make learning fun whilst also ensuring fast and effective progress. I ensure that I get to know my students' ways of learning as soon as possible in order to tailor my tutoring style to their individual needs. I hope to be able to offer a way of learning different but utterly beneficial to the current exam syllabuses...

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Allamin (Alli)

Mentoring one-on-one gives the opportunity to learn at the student’s optimal pace. I strongly believe that success at school and beyond is based on strategy, time management, and self-confidence. My passion, diligence and creative skill-set drive my students to succeed....

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We spend time carefully finding and interviewing tutors so that you can get the perfect match quickly and easily. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your tutor, we will find a replacement for free.

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