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Any subject tutoring in Tuscany

Whether you visit, work or live in Tuscany, Forte dei Marmi, Sardinia or Lake Como, Tavistock is pleased to offer you access to the best tutors in the UK to meet all your academic needs. Many of our clients have holiday homes around the Italian peninsula and can greatly benefit from one of our travelling tutors to help top up their children’s learning. Available come rain or shine, at any time of the year, our tutors cover all subjects and all ages; the best option if you’re trying to get a place at top UK, US and international academic institutions.

Residential tuition for students on holiday in Tuscany

We provide full-time tutors to families when travelling. This means that their studies are uninterrupted and they can make the most out of their trip with a deeper understanding of the geography, language, history and culture of the places they visit. Many international families spend time travelling around the world from one post to another. Our Italian peninsula tutors are able to provide the continuity in education that enhances your child’s learning. If you are planning a holiday to Tuscany, Sardinia, Lake Como or anywhere else in Italy, one of our tutors can be there with you for as much or as little as you require.

online Tutoring

We can also offer our services through our online tuition program, which means that you can have access to all of our top UK tutors at the click of a button. Using cutting edge technology, we have perfected the online learning experience and this option is growing in popularity, especially if a live-in tutor isn’t quite what you’re after.

Our professional international tutors can help with the following:

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Home Schooling

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Prepare for a British School or University

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Exam Preparation

International Tutor Prices

Each and every international tutoring request is different and therefore the prices of each request varies based on your requirements.

Clients cover the cost of: flights, accomodation and meals.

Our international tutors usually charge a minimum of 4-5 hours per day, 7 days a week (tutors may require a larger or smaller minimum number of hours per day and might not always require 7 days a week).

The hourly rates for our international tutors starts at £40 per hour. Some of our most experienced tutors charge rates upwards of £100 per hour up to £250 per hour.

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