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    My Experience

    Teaching/Tutoring Experience
    Private tutor with experience in all of the above subjects
    Visiting Professor at Cass Business School (EMBA courses in Private Equity & Investment Strategy)
    Visiting Professor at The Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (MIF, EMBA and Alumni courses in Mergers & Acquisitions, Advanced Financial Modelling and Corporate Finance)
    Visiting Professor at Instituto de Empresa (“IE”) Business School in Madrid (MIF, Private Equity Modelling)
    Won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016 at IE (voted by the students)
    Business Experience
    Managing Partner of Tri-Artisan Partners Europe, a private equity advisory boutique covering all of the major PE funds
    CEO of Durlacher Corporation
    Joint-Head of M&A, Commerzbank
    Co-Head of European Industrial Group, Salomon Smith Barney

    Subjects I teach

    Accounting (beginner to advanced)
    Excel (beginner to advanced)
    ACA Preparation
    Preparation for Excel tests for City/Wall Street jobs
    Advanced Financial Modelling using Excel – financial forecasts, M&A, private equity
    Corporate Finance (M&A, equity capital markets, debt capital markets, private equity)
    Valuation – investment banking, private equity (beginner to advanced)
    Interview Training

    My Qualifications

    Thouron Fellow and MBA, The Wharton School, USA
    Oxford University, Open Scholar and First Class Honours (Yr 1 and Yr 3)
    Captain of the Boat Club, Keble College, Oxford University
    Eton College (A Levels in Geography, Economics and History)
    MBA – The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania and I was a Thouron Fellow (82-84)

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    My approach to private tuition reflects the fact that for accounting and all areas related to corporate finance and private equity, it is vital for students to understand the underlying principles and concepts correctly from the outset. Much confusion and many errors arise in these subjects because they have been taught incorrectly or inconsistently and students are struggling to follow dubious logic. Once students head down the wrong path, it can be a tortuous process to get them back on track. Armed the correct underlying conceptual knowledge, students can progress to an advanced level very rapidly. This will allow them to learn all they need to obtain a job and become an early high achiever at a major Wall St/ City firm. Furthermore, those wanting to pursue ACA and other advanced accounting qualifications will be able to do so with far higher confidence and greater success if their knowledge is based on strong foundations.

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    I never even applied for my first job at a major Wall Street firm. They interviewed my brother and found out that he had an identical twin. They called me for interview out of the blue, simply to evaluate which was the better candidate. In the end, they decided to give us both a job as an Associate.

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