My Passion & How I Inspire

Although I believe that it is important to tailor my approach to the needs of every particular student, I like to use an interactive Cambridge-style method of tutoring. Instead of giving outright answers to my students, I pose questions in order to navigate them through the relevant issue to a logical conclusion. This way, my students feel the sense of ownership over their own development as they are the ones who come up with the elaborate legal analysis. At the same time, this method enables my students to acquire relevant analytical skills along with the desired knowledge of law.

My Experience

My tutoring experience ranges from teaching law online, through face-to-face small-group tutoring to large-group lecturing at summer courses in Cambridge.

• In 2018, I have prepared 8 undergraduate English Law students for their exams in Equity and Trusts, and Land Law via series of online and face-to-face tutorials.

• I have also delivered several online tutorials and helped my Scottish students to improve their grades in Scottish Property Law and Commercial Law.

• Finally, I have delivered several presentations on Intellectual Property Law to local non-governmental organizations.

• In 2017, I tutored two group of students aged 14-18 as a part of Cambridge summer school using Cambridge-style interactive method. In this particular instance I focused on English Criminal Law, Equity and Trusts and Land Law in one class, while leading the other class of students to broaden their understanding of International Environmental and Human Rights Law. My classes consisted of tutoring, mooting and essay-writing.

• I have been tutoring law since 2015 and have prepared many moots, essay structures and general syllabuses for my students.

Subjects That I Teach

  • English
  • Law
  • Law - GDL
  • Law - LLB
  • Law - LPC

My Qualifications

BBP University, LPC

As part of the Legal Practice Course, I took all the compulsory modules (e.g. Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Property Law and Practice, Business Law and Practice... etc.) as well as three electives - Insurance Law and Practice, Advanced Commercial Litigation and International Trade and Transactions.


During my time at the University of Cambridge, I focused on Public International Law, International Human Rights Law and International Environmental Law. I also represented the University of Cambridge in the Jessup International Law Moot, in which I acted as an agent for the respondent in the national rounds.


At the University of Glasgow, I took all the required courses in Scots Law and additional courses in Public International Law, International Criminal Law, UN Law, European Human Rights Law and European Migration Law. I was also chosen to participate in the European Human Rights Project, in the course of which my team pleaded before both the UK Supreme Court in London and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. I was also awarded Robert MacFarlane Bursary from the University of Glasgow.


To convert my LLB in Scots Law into an English Law degree, I took Graduate Diploma in Law in Criminal Law, Land Law, and Equity and Trusts.

Fun fact

At the age of 16, I worked as a roller-blader (yes, I roller-bladed!) in a huge department store in my home country – this job got the most attention at every single interview with law firms I have attended (never mind my UN internship in New York or the Expert Opinions I wrote for the Migration Law Clinic in Amsterdam!).