My Passion & How I Inspire

Building up from core principles, my teaching method involves learning the essential base knowledge of the topics and then progressively building on the basics. My courses in investment and development modelling are structured so that we go step by step building upon the basic financial math and simple cash flow models to a comprehensive investment appraisal model.

My teaching always includes context and market knowledge, i use real life examples and my own experiences and expertise in Real Estate investment.


My Experience

I have been a tutor with Tavistock for 3 years whilst working in the Real Estate industry in various roles including Investment, Capital Markets, Development and Asset Management.

My experience includes 2 years working at JLL as a Financial Analyst for their Capital Markets & Investment team, focusing on the financial analysis for all investment and development transactions in Central London.

Currently I work for Lendlease in their Investment & Capital Markets team with a focus on capital solutions for large scale urban regeneration and development schemes.

All of my teaching lends from my experience working in the Real Estate industry; learning with a context and examples has proved to boost your understanding of any theoretical concepts.

I also run a training business where I teach courses in Financial Modelling for Real Estate investment and Development. I have taught my courses to fund managers, residential and commercial developers, HNW investors, investment agents, RE finance/debt associates, investment surveyors, asset managers, private equity analysts, MSc RE students and others. I have mentored several students applying and testing for Real Estate jobs.


Subjects That I Teach

  • Excel
  • Finance
  • Real Estate

My Qualifications

Real Estate Financial Modelling Certified

Economics BSc (Hons)

Fun fact

I have traveled to 13 countries in the last year!