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Saxophone Teachers

Saxophone Teachers in London

At Tavistock Tutors we have Saxophone teachers across the London area. Playing an instrument has often been perceived as something that comes naturally to people – something you can or can’t do. We believe it does not have to be this way. Our teachers are expert saxophonists who have a wealth of experience in instrument teaching and are able to help anybody learn to play. One-on-one private teaching is an incredibly effective way of learning to play the saxophone, as it is a completely personalised experience. Your teacher will be able to access yours aims and goals and set out a long-term strategy to ensures that you can achieve these goals.

Saxophone teaching for any level

Whether you consider yourself a beginner, an intermediate or an advanced saxophonist, we have saxophone teachers who will suit your needs. Even if you have never played the saxophone before, we’re more than happy to help you begin and carry on teaching you through the next stages. As well as being incredibly experienced, our teachers have been through a thorough selection process. To be a musical instrument teacher not only requires experience and skill, but a passion for the instrument and for teaching. This selection process means that we have only the best saxophone teachers who are able to offer you a tailored service in a way that a book or group teaching cannot. Everybody learns in his or her own unique way and our teaching caters to that.

Saxophone teachers for musicians of the future

There are many reasons that you may choose to learn the saxophone. Many people learn the saxophone as a hobby in their spare time, something that can be very challenging, but also relaxing as music often offers an escape from the world. Others want playing the saxophone to be their chosen vocation. At Tavistock Tutors we have saxophone teachers who are able to satisfy to both of these aims. Our tailored service means that if you wish to just learn the basics to enable you to play casually with a few friends you will have a teacher more suited to this. Whereas if you wish to become a professional saxophonist we can match with teacher who will help you reach these lofty heights.

For saxophone teaching at any level, across London, get in touch with Tavistock Tutors today.

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Archie H

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Saxophone Teachers

I have been teaching Classical subjects up to university level as a private tutor and in the classroom for three years. I have had a high level success with my tutoring students, with a number exceeding the score they were aiming for in public examinations. In 2017 I joined Dulwich College as a teacher of Classics (maternity cover), and after a good performance my term’s stay was extended a further ......

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Kerry Private Tutor

£50 /hr


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Saxophone Teachers

I have two years teaching experience for a prestigious test preparation institution in Los Angeles, CA. This position included classroom teaching and private tuition. Subjects covered in the SAT include: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, and Maths. I also have experience preparing students for the ACT. These tests can be quite intimidating, and are specifically designed to be deceptive. I am an expert at guiding the student through these pitfalls. I ......

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learning Saxophone Teachers

We spend time carefully selecting your tutor to ensure that we find the perfect match. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the tutor selection, we will source another tutor for you, for free!


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