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Clarinet Teachers

Tavistock Tutors offer clarinet teachers at all levels in the London area. Learning a musical instrument can be immensely rewarding, providing a sense of accomplishment and a much needed stimulating hobby. In fact, a wise man once said the music was food for the soul. Many find time spent at their instrument of choice a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For others music is a vocation that they want to make an occupation. Whether it is just a hobby you want to improve on, or your chosen career, Tavistock Tutors can help. This is because we have gone the extra mile to find a wide range of music teachers even for the less common instruments, while our competitors focus on the limited field of academia.
All of our teachers are at the very least grade 8 in their given instrument. However, to teach music requires much more than that. This is why Tavistock Tutors treat their music teachers the same way as they do their academic tutors. We interview every teacher to ensure that they have the passion for their instrument and for teaching, to go alongside their skills and qualifications. Our team will then take this information, and combine it with what you tell them, to provide the perfect teacher match. This will result in tailored lessons and rapid targeted progress towards your goals. For example, if you are seeking a working knowledge of the instrument, your lessons will be radically different to someone wishing to make the clarinet their career in either classical or jazz music.
All of our teachers have travelled the long road that is mastering a musical instrument, just as you are trying to do. This means they can empathise with your problems, but more importantly pass on the hints and tips they have learned which can make all the difference. A book will show you the typical way to learn the clarinet but will not take into account the individual in the way a Tavistock Tutor will.

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learning Clarinet Teachers

We spend time carefully selecting your tutor to ensure that we find the perfect match. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with the tutor selection, we will source another tutor for you, for free!


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