Paris, je t’aime. I was fortunate to be drafted out to la belle ville to help out with a family of three children between the ages of 4 and 9: young children and early learning are my special fields (KS1 and KS2 in particular), so I was pleased when Tavistock Tutors were able to match me with the family- plus, I speak fluent French, which was, of course, a prerequisite when dealing with the family.


The main reason for my stay was that the family were thinking about moving to London and wanted to make sure that their children’s learning could be easily aligned with the UK curriculum, along with helping out their already impressive level(s) of English.


All in all, I tutored for around five hours a day, sometimes taking classes with all three children at once and, at others, doing one on one tutorials if one child needed to concentrate on something in particular, or another had a sports lesson elsewhere.


In other words, it was a super flexible set-up, which worked very well for both myself (as I was afforded a fair amount of time to explore the city and discover Paris for myself) and for the parents, who were able to spend time with their children as and when they wished.


I lived in an apartment next door to the family, which was an ideal set-up: I had my own space and so did the family, though I was always on hand if and when they needed me.

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