International tutors

Tavistock Tutors has an amazing group of international tutors who can tutor your child anywhere in the world. Our tutors are all experienced UK tutors who can travel with you, or travel to your home abroad, in order to provide consistent and high quality tutoring for your child. Whether you are taking a holiday in the South of France, moving to Hong Kong, or living abroad permanently, we can match you to your perfect tutor who can offer an engaging and informative tuition programme for your child, wherever you want to be in the world.

International tutors – teaching your children all over the world

Our clients frequently engage tutors in exotic locations, such as Tokyo, Mumbai or Moscow, for various reasons. Some families’ children attend UK boarding schools and benefit greatly from continuing their UK education when at home for the holidays. Other families require an international tutor while they are on holiday so their children do not fall behind on their schoolwork. Whatever the reason, our experienced tutors can provide support and education internationally.

We can arrange a tutor for any period of time – it is completely up to you. Whether you would like one of our international tutors to accompany you for a week or for a whole year, we can match you to a tutor who completely fits your schedule.

Nowhere is too far away for us at Tavistock Tutors – we provide tutors worldwide. Contact us today to organise international tutoring in the city or country of your choice.

A broad curriculum with our international tutoring programme

Tavistock Tutors can provide international tuition for a vast range of subjects. Our tutors are experts in multiple areas. We can cater for families who want a tutor to be able to cover all the subjects of the primary school curriculum, those who require a tutor who specialises in the core subjects of English, Maths and the Sciences, or for families who would like a tutor to focus on one or two subjects in particular.

Our international tutors can also offer 11+, 13+ and 16+ entrance exam tuition for the UK’s best schools and university application tuition. Competition for places at the most prestigious schools and universities is incredibly tough, and so it is well worth investing time into helping your child perform well. With a tutor who travels with you, your child can have this much needed learning time while the whole family still gets to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Tutors for children focusing on a profession in sports or working in the entertainment industry can also be provided. Having an international tutor who can work around your child’s busy schedule is vital in ensuring they maintain a high level of education while still focusing on their professional training and work.

How we find the best international tutor for you

An international tutor could be with your family for a long period of time, and so, it is essential that you can have a good relationship with them. This is why we go to great lengths to really understanding what you require from a tutor through our individual consultation process. Only then will we match you to a tutor. This personalised approach ensures that we find the best international tutor for you and your family.

Our tailor-made approach extends into the living arrangements for your international tutor. A frequently asked question is whether the tutor will be living in your house. Once again, this is entirely up to you. Clients often want their tutor to stay with them, and provide accommodation accordingly. Alternatively, Tavistock Tutors can arrange separate accommodation.

If you are interested in finding an international tutor to travel with you and your family, get in touch with Tavistock Tutors today.