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Science Tutors

Science Tutors

It’s true, before you get to wear the impressive lab coat and do the crazy experiments, science can seem kind of dull. The rules and formulas are lengthy and difficult, and let’s not even talk about the Periodic Table. But you still have to learn it all if you’re aiming high and whether its GCSE Biology that’s getting you down, or even undergraduate Physics, we’ve got a solution to all your worries.

Interested? We know, it’s an irresistible offer, and no one can turn down a helping hand when it comes to sciences, especially in the form of a Tavistock Tutor.

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Having one of our tutors is like getting upgraded to first class every time you go on a plane. At school, you’re used to the basics: uncomfortable seats, boring lessons and only the bare minimum when it comes to care and attention.

With us, it’s a different story. You’ll get the most professional and personalised service out there, and you can be as specific as you like. If it’s just to go over a module before an end of year test or a final Chemistry dissertation that needs refining, our science tutors will help you get what you want out of your learning.

Before we forget, don’t think we’re sending you any old tutor when you book a session with us. No, every tutor that comes to your home has been found in the deepest corners of some of the most prestigious institutions in the whole world. Ask them, there’s a good chance whoever you’ve been studying your Physics with was cycling through the cobbled streets of Oxford a few weeks ago. Maybe they’ll even show you the robot they made last month.

Why Use Tavistock Tutors?


Efficient Placements

Tavistock Tutors usually find a suitable tutor within a few hours.



In-depth Recruitment Process

Tavistock Tutors has an in-depth recruitment process ensuring we offer the best tutors.



Industry low commissions

We charge an industry low commission to make sure students save money.


Far from the rigid classroom environment, the relaxed way in which our tutors work will get you on top of your subject while enjoying it at the same time. With us, there is no rulebook, because we realise that humans aren’t clones and we know that you need the right plan of action to get you excited about your sciences.

If this sounds like something you’re in need of (and lets be honest, if you’re on this page you probably are), give us a call and we’ll organise a science tutor to come to you.


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