Shivani S

My Passion & How I Inspire

I will first identify how you study best, whether it is visually, aurally, kinetically, or logically – because knowing that will allow me to customize our classes to suit you. For example, if you’re a kinetic learner, we will build models together. And if you’re an aural learner, then we’ll burst into a song every now and then (it’s shown to help learning and retention!). I will also help you construct a smart game plan that outlines, step-by-step, how to achieve all of your academic goals. Because everything is possible with careful planning, strategic action and hard work!

My Experience

Taught Social Science subjects at undergraduate level (including Economics, Political Science, Global Issues, and Peace and Conflict Studies) at a Leadership Institute in Yangon, Myanmar from 2016-2017.

Subjects That I Teach

  • Anthropology
  • Anthropology - A-Level
  • Anthropology - IB
  • Anthropology - GCSE
  • Anthropology - Undergraduate
  • Anthropology - 11+
  • Biology
  • Biology - A-Level
  • Biology - IB
  • Biology - GCSE
  • Biology - Undergraduate
  • Biology - 11+
  • Business Studies
  • Business Studies - A-Level
  • Business Studies - IB
  • Business Studies - GCSE
  • Business Studies - Undergraduate
  • Business Studies - 11+
  • Development Studies
  • Development Studies - A-Level
  • Development Studies - IB
  • Development Studies - GCSE
  • Development Studies - Undergraduate
  • Development Studies - 11+
  • Economics
  • Economics - A-Level
  • Economics - IB
  • Economics - GCSE
  • Economics - Undergraduate
  • Economics - 11+
  • Science
  • Science - A-Level
  • Science - IB
  • Science - GCSE
  • Science - Undergraduate
  • Science - 11+
  • Sociology
  • Sociology - A-Level
  • Sociology - IB
  • Sociology - GCSE
  • Sociology - Undergraduate
  • Sociology - 11+

My Qualifications

5A* and 2As in IGCSE (Received Distinction) at Green Hills Academy

2nd in School for IBDP at Green Hills Academy

Graduated cum laude (with Distinction) at Cornell College.

Dean’s list at Cornell College (2013 – 2014).

Member of Mortar Board, National Senior Honours Society (2014).

President of Lambda Alpha (International Anthropology Honours Society) (2014).

Member of Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honours Society) (2015).

Received ‘Excellence in Anthropology Award’ at Cornell College (2015).

My Reviews

"Shivani has been very competent and helpful through the few days she has worked with me.

She has always been well prepared before meeting me which has been very efficient and helpful when discussing the topics of my essays and moving forward in starting to write it.

She has had the ability to give me strength to not give up on this assignement in a very supportive and human way. She has pushed me and and encourage me but with a lot of sensitivity.

Overall she has been great and very professional.” - Anonymous (Anthropology Student)

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I once hitchhiked around Mexico on my own for a couple months and learnt conversational Spanish that way!