My Passion & How I Inspire

I believe in creating a personalised, engaging and supportive tutoring experience for tutees.

It’s no secret that different students learn different ways and test best using different strategies. A huge part of understanding how a student thinks is to listen carefully. However, part of tutoring is showing students things about themselves that they might not have previously realised. This means taking an experimental approach to tuition for each student, using metrics to constantly guide and refine the development of the tuition plan. If a new test strategy or method of learning content works poorly, then it gets abandoned. If it works well, I help the student build on that natural talent.

Student engagement is integral to the learning process. I have a problem set focused teaching approach and use leading questions to walk students through problems. Moreover, I have a background in applying science, maths and English in real-world settings. I try to leverage this background to communicate the importance of these subjects to students’ future success. I also seize opportunities to communicate just how powerful and incredible these subjects can be.

Young students in particular need a tutor that is really there for them, beyond just the study materials. To me, this means: being patient, personally investing in tutees, and helping them believe in themselves and their abilities.

My Experience

I have years of tutoring experience in London in sciences, maths and English as well as a variety of American standardised tests including ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT and related subject tests.

Subjects That I Teach

  • ACT
  • ACT - A-Level
  • ACT - GCSE
  • ACT - Undergraduate
  • ACT - SAT
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering - A-Level
  • Chemical Engineering - GCSE
  • Chemical Engineering - Undergraduate
  • Chemical Engineering - SAT
  • Engineering
  • Engineering - A-Level
  • Engineering - GCSE
  • Engineering - Undergraduate
  • Engineering - SAT
  • Maths
  • Maths - A-Level
  • Maths - GCSE
  • Maths - Undergraduate
  • Maths - SAT
  • Science
  • Science - A-Level
  • Science - GCSE
  • Science - Undergraduate
  • Science - SAT

My Qualifications

Pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering at Imperial College

Master's of Science in Advanced Chemical Engineering from

Imperial College London

Classification: Distinction

Bachelor's of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut

Cumulative GPA: 3.94/4.00

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I grew up on a Christmas tree farm and write music in my free time!