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Art and Design Tutors

Art and Design Tutors

Tavistock Tutors provides talented, experienced, and enthusiastic Art & Design tutors in London, across a wide spectrum of skills and specialities. Our private tutors are highly qualified and trained, some even award-winning! They’ve graduated from top universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of the Arts in London, with exceptional track records. Many specialise in helping students with dyslexia or dyspraxia, operating under the belief that there should be no stumbling block to a first-rate education.

They have an incredibly broad and deep knowledge range in Art & Design, as accomplished home tutors and artists in their own right. Art & Design fosters creativity, intuition and communication, all of which are very transferable skills for the future, making the subject an excellent way to create opportunities in creative industries or academic institutions worldwide. No matter what the ultimate aim, our tutors can help every student reach it, whether it be in GCSE, or AS and A-Level, or even further afield in life, in interesting and engaging sessions that can help the student develop the necessary capabilities.

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Tutoring for Art & Design Qualifications

Our tutors can assist in improving critical assessment, practical abilities or theoretical knowledge. Our process is to match students with a specialised tutor based on the details given by the student to our education consultants. After an initial assessment, our tutors find the best way for each student to study and learn, providing a comprehensive programme to most help the student.

Our tutors can cover the main topics of Art and Design, as well as being well-versed in the more intricate aspects of the subject. They also are proficient in skills useful in the outside world, such as portfolio presentation, sketchbook development, and conceptual thinking.

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Efficient Placements

Tavistock Tutors usually find a suitable tutor within a few hours.



In-depth Recruitment Process

Tavistock Tutors has an in-depth recruitment process ensuring we offer the best tutors.



Industry low commissions

We charge an industry low commission to make sure students save money.


Why Tavistock Tutors

Tavistock tutors are passionate, committed, and willing to go the extra leg for you and your child. They take pride in their lessons, and in your child’s achievements! Art and Design can be a challenging and overwhelming subject like any other, and our tutors aim to inspire and support your child, and encourage your child’s growth in all factions of the subject. They meet your child’s learning style needs with warmth and joy, nurturing diligence, critical thinking, and confidence in the subject from the moment you enter their classroom, without crushing natural curiosity and enthusiasm. Contact Tavistock Tutors today to guarantee an exceptional service in tutoring in Art & Design.


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