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Stress Coaches

Tavistock Tutors provide stress coaches for students at all levels. Many students feel nervous when preparing for exams and our stress coaches can help calm those nerves. Students put a lot of effort into studying and there are a number of pressures on students to achieve the highest possible marks. Stress can get in the way of achieving the results they are aiming for. Stress coaching really helps students using stress-relief strategies and techniques to reduce stress levels, to calm their mind and nerves, and to allow them to reach their full potential.


Research has proven the numerous advantages of stress coaching:
It contributes directly to the development of cognitive and performance skills
It improves memory
It helps you to be more focused and pay greater attention
It makes you think in more innovative ways
It enhances problem-solving, planning and reasoning skills
You experience greater relaxation and calmness
It improves sleep
It improves social and emotional wellbeing
Children have significantly more confidence

These advantages emphasise how much students can benefit from stress coaching. It supports you during exam preparation, but it also helps to gain important skills to cope with stress throughout your life.


The Tavistock Tutors stress coaches are available across London and can travel to your home for sessions. If you or your child is struggling with exams and cannot cope with the additional pressure, get in touch with Tavistock Tutors today to organise a session with one of our stress coaches.


£50 /hr

Lucie F

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Stress Coaches

I am a Lecturer in Drama and Acting at Chichester University responsible for developing courses, teaching and assessing over all three degree years. I have taught privately for many years helping students of all ages with auditions for private Acting Exams, Drama School and University Entrance. I am a consultant specialising in Communication Skills, Confidence, Public Speaking, and Interview Technique and I have taught all levels of clients including school ......

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Elisabeth Private Tutor

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Elisabeth P

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Stress Coaches

I have worked with children and families for many years and over the years I have worked for several schools providing therapy, counselling and stress coaching. ...

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