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We live in an age where technology plays a fundamental part in our lives, and is ingrained in how we now approach solving problems. However, using technology can sometimes be overwhelming, and paradoxically counterproductive. It is therefore crucial for us to be aware of ways in which we can navigate and capitalise on the vast opportunities that technology makes available in our education.

So firstly, what makes good online resources and where can I find them? The first important thing to look for is a websites target audience. This may seem obvious, but trying to understand something that assumes too much knowledge can be very time consuming and sometimes discouraging. Our web searches must therefore be conscious that there are a variety of students and levels online, and be modified accordingly.

Government bodies and charities are a great place to start for online resources and one site in particular that I have found very valuable myself is Kahn Academy, which covers content from the sciences to the humanities. Using resources like Khan Academy and other online lecture based platforms can really enhance your time in the classroom.

I also think its great to have exposure to resources that show us how our work at school or university is relevant to us today. This is why I think TED lectures are a great source of information and can inspire us to pursue our subjects and give us motivations to study them.

We can also use to apps to manage our time and make our studying more efficient. Apps offer convenient ways to store reminders, create schedules and summarise information, for example Revision App can be used to store flash cards and other revision information. One app that I found recently called Evernote is great. Post it notes can quickly be synced on the Cloud and shared with others, which can be used very effectively in tutoring sessions to share questions quickly with tutors.

Technology can therefore be used to really compliment our education when used in the right way. It is important to remember however, it is not a substitute for actually putting time and effort with our teachers and tutors, and that must be our primary focus, with technology helping along the way.

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