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Subjects I teach

Maths up to A-Level
Further Maths up to A-Level

My Experience

I am currently a full-time Teacher of Mathematics, teaching GCSE and A-Level mathematics to students aged 13-18 at University College School (UCS), an independent, senior school in London.

Prior to this, I was a Teacher of Mathematics, teaching 11+ and 13+ Common Entrance mathematics at Trevor Roberts School, an independent, preparatory school in London for two years.

For the past three summers, I have also been the tutor for Oxford Royale Academy’s ‘Introduction to Engineering’ summer school course at GCSE level for 13-15 year old high school students in Oxford.

I was also a Senior Transition Mentor at university in UCL, where I was responsible for providing academic support to first year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate students.


My Qualifications

2014 – 2015
MSc Mathematical Modelling and Scientific Computing, University of Oxford, Oxford (St. Anne’s College) – Pass

– Academic publication of dissertation research paper in peer-reviewed journal, Physical Review E
– Project Leader of the Oxford Strategy Group
– Student Consultant for the Oxford Careers Service
– Cultural Officer of the Oxford Hindu Society (tutoring Hindi language lessons)
– Student Representative for the Oxford Graduate Consultative Committee
– Entertainment Representative for the Oxford Yule Ball Committee

2011 – 2014
BEng Engineering (Mechanical) with Business Finance, University College London (UCL) with the London School of Economics (LSE), London – First Class Honours

– Received the a fully-funded Summer Research Internship Award
– Winner of the First Year Dynamics Prize
– Cultural Director of the UCL Indian Society for 3 years (tutoring Hindi language lessons)
– Bollywood Dancer for UCL Hindu Society’s cultural variety show, ‘Rangeela’ for 3 years
– Student Academic Representative for UCL Mechanical Engineering
– Senior Transition Mentor for UCL Mechanical Engineering

1998 – 2011 Cathedral and John Connon School, Mumbai, India
– US AP’s: 5/5 (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry), 4/5 (English)
– ISC (Year 12): 96% overall (Maths – 96%, Physics – 94%, Chemistry – 97%,
Computer Science – 97%, English – 94%)

My Approach to Private Tuition

It is ‘Monday morning mathematics’ and I go to the whiteboard and write just
one number: ‘1/4′. I pause until one student asks, “What’s the question, Mr. Shah?”

I answer, with a smile, “Today, there is no question. All you have on the board is an answer ‘1/4′. I don’t know what the question to this answer was. You need to work together in pairs and let me know what you think the possible questions to this answer may have been.”

Engaging discussions follow and the enthusiasm and excitement in my class reach an all-time high. I then ask each group for some possible ‘questions’ (rather strange right?). I was impressed by the range, variety and creativity of the responses I received, with the students combining knowledge from different areas of mathematics.

Some possible questions the students came up with to the answer ‘1/4′ were:
– ‘What is 0.25 as a fraction?’
– ‘How many metres of string remain after three-quarters of a 1m long string is chopped off?’
– ‘What is the area of a square of side ‘1/2’ cm?

In conclusion, I tell my students, “In mathematics, as important as an answer might be, it is the question that is of paramount value. A single question often leads to a precise answer, however, you’ve just seen how a single answer leads to infinite questions. Thus, always remember: an answer is meaningless until unless the specific question has been identified.”

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I have published a research paper on ‘Quantum Vortex Dynamics’, but am also an ardent admirer of Jane Austen’s novels, particularly ‘Emma’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’!