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Internship Application Tutors

Our tutors will help you with all aspects of your internship application. As well as helping with your CVs, we can offer advice and assistance in writing cover letters, completing forms and interview technique. Internships are becoming increasingly competitive, and it is important that your application stands out if you want to secure a place with the best company for you, which will help you to get the job you want, and which you find interesting and stimulating. It is becoming more and more important for students to experience internships and work placements before applying to universities or full-time employment. Most employers and some university courses require work experience to show that you are a qualified candidate. We will help you find the right internship for you, and coach you extensively in the application process to make sure that you gain the necessary experience to enter into the career or university of your choice.

Help applying for an internship

Applying for an internship can be a daunting experience for young students, as they have often never experienced this level of competition and are not used to having to sell their strengths. Our tutors will help you to emphasise your competencies in CVs and cover letters, and will offer you mock interview practice to give you the confidence to excel in your application.

Top tips and advice for the internship application process

Potential employers are looking to see that you have all the competencies required to succeed in their company. Even if you do not have any previous work experience, you can emphasise your skills by discussing academic work, after-school activities, charity work and hobbies which have increased your competency in written and spoken communication, teamwork, persuasion, problem-solving, management, flexibility, technology and other useful transferable skills. We will help you to recognise and emphasise your best qualities and to use any experience you have to show how you have developed useful transferable skills for internships, university and the workplace.

Interview preparation and practice for your internship

Even if you have all the skills an employer is looking for, it is still possible to miss out on a work placement or internship because you do not have enough experience to really shine in your interview. Interviews can be incredibly nerve-wracking, especially for students who have never experienced one before and are lacking confidence. Our tuition will help you to feel at ease in an interview, as you will be used to having to sell your skills. We will teach you techniques to relax and enjoy your interviews, and not to seize-up out of nerves. We will also help you to become accustomed to the most common interview questions so that you feel prepared before the real thing and know how to give the best possible answers. We will encourage you to think on your feet and to show your individuality, whilst also appearing to be thorough, prepared and organised before your interview.

Qualified and experienced tutors to help with your internship application

All of our tutors have extensive experience in tutoring students for their internship applications. They understand the concerns that young students may have, as they themselves have been through the application process. All of our tutors are qualified experts in their field and have graduated from top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. They know how to make their students feel at ease and give them the thorough preparation necessary to be able to stand out in their interviews.

If you are interested in arranging private tuition to help with your internship applications, or would like to know more about the services we provide, please contact Tavistock Tutors today.


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Jon M

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10 years as a business & career guidance coach working with people from a graduate level to chief executive ...

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