Education In Today’s World

Rewarding. Teaching is rewarding. Thats what practitioners always say when you ask them about their career choice, a vague explanation to provide those noisy people in evening dinners or weddings when you have not chosen the corporate route. But what is really behind that word? Individuals who want to develop a better society, individuals who want to give back and share their knowledge with an eager audience. Although the actual audience is not necessarily thirsty for your source of wisdom and they truly believe they can do anything because they have the authority.

As a general inclination, children would say they hate going to school. Maybe some really do, perhaps there are a few who really like attending their lessons; but purely they are in this overwhelming environment because they have got no other choice. Given the choice, they would much rather be playing than having to listen to another tiresome lesson by their teacher.

Childrens rights are necessary and they are well implemented in the majority of cases, but students nowadays have been given too much power. Education should be understood as a privilege, as the tool to build your personality and future, to give yourself the best chances at developing a fruitful and successful career, wherever that takes you. Malala, the well renowned activist for female education, is a great example of a student who acted this way; she was grateful and considerate and showed respect to the teachers while following their guidance with care.

From my experience, many children in the UK lack such manner. Many teachers are currently suffering a complete disrespect by the children they teach, which borders bullying at times. The state of the education is at risk, pupils require more discipline and teachers deserve to work in a safe environment, in which children have a responsibility for their own learning. At present, teachers are blamed for pupilslevels of attainment, when the children should more accountable than the practitioners. The level of discipline in this country is barely zero and children have got no fear of authority. We are not talking about physical or mental impositions but firm discipline required to cultivate righteous civilians in to the future.

Other countries offer this assistance by grouping children not depending on their age, but their ability; or assembling them relying on their interests; or even holding them back a year if they have not passed a minimum of subjects. When the children take responsibility for themselves, then they will start showing more obedience and put effort into what they do. Whatever option we set in the UK, we can only hope it is sooner rather than later, so that we dont keep losing generations in a very obsolete and delusional system.

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