Learning Revolution

As a part-time private mathematics tutor for the past five years, I have personally witnessed how rethinking education methods can improve social mobility and transform real lives.

The current UK education system, whilst deservedly has its own merits, is also equally riddled with issues. Firstly, the classroom has evolved little since it was first developed during the Industrial revolution. Techniques, methods and structure remain outdated, which poorly equips the new generation for future economic needs. Additionally, the “one-size-fits-all” education system is failing to meet the needs of every individual. Furthermore, the current system has been proven to diminish creativity. For these reasons, I propose a learning revolution through which private tutoring can combat these problems and assist towards a permanent shift in the education system.

Classroom size matters. In more progressive educational systems such as those pioneered in South Korea, a lower ratio of teacher to student has proven to result in higher test scores. Flexibility is also important. At the primary school level in the UK, classrooms are often segmented by age group. But why not segment by attainment level? Every individual learns at different paces and our educational system needs to be more flexible to cater to individual needs. This is where private tuition can be a piece to the puzzle. By using private tuition, you are able to top up education as you see fit, according to your child’s pace of learning. This allows every child to reach their full potential. Moreover, the attentive nature of private tutoring, naturally leads to students gaining inspiration and confidence in their subject. A positive attitude and self belief produces the best results. This mindset is less likely to be achieved in a classroom with diluted teacher attention. Also, since schools operate differently according to their specialist subject areas, private tutors are able to fill any necessary gaps in their school education.

Indeed, private tuition can be seen as an investment. However, it is an investment with long-term payoffs. Investing in a good teacher can therefore be a difference of the student getting into their university of choice, getting a job, or proving to themselves of what they are capable of if they work hard at it. Knowledge is power, and therefore an excellent academic record can certainly give you a platform to success into the future. The feedback from my past students have said that private tuition has given them the “highest level of understanding in the subject” that they did not obtain in school. The hour(s) that we have together are entirely focused on meeting their needs and tackling their problems. Which is why I am proposing a learning revolution, one private tutoring lesson at a time.

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