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Creativity in Maths and Science

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This article was written by Parveen.


As a child I found it very difficult to concentrate in class despite this I was a high achieving student and academically very successful. I graduated with three science degrees and gained numerous scholarships throughout my school and university life. Ifound many of my classes dull and boring so I would go home and find a way to enjoy learning. After all I was and still am a great believer that life is designed for us to enjoy (well as much as we possibly can anyway).

I have been working with students for years now and creativity never fails, it is often the studentswho feel they don’t need it who end up enjoying the sessions and benefitting the most. Whether I am teaching timetables through a dance routine to younger students or working through A-Level Chemistry crosswords I am a firm believer that there are so many ways in which maths and science can be taught. Maths and sciences don’t have to be dull, the key is to find your way of learning which suits you whether it be visual, kinaesthetic or auditory. At times you may even want to mix these different learning styles up, all these different ways of learning help engage ourselves. The beauty behind science is experiments if you are not enjoying learning from a text book there are so many experiments you can do from home, chemistry itself is a very colourful science.

Sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking we are not very good at something however time and time again after tutoring many students I have noticed that they are not being taught in a way which suits them which is often a shame because I can see their potential. An inspiring and fun tutor which really understands your needs can make all the difference.

You might be wondering what the relevance of maths and science in life around us is, however it never ceases to amaze me just how much of everything we do and experience in life is made up of maths and science for example the way that a ballerina lands, how music is put together and nature itself.

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The future is highly technological with robotics and highly sophisticated computer games being developed everyday this requires innovative and creative thinkers. Creativity prepares for life beyond the classroom and the power of creativity should never be underestimated it encourages us to open our minds, think freely and express ourselves. Some of the greatest thinkers, inventors and scientists were highly creative.

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