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8+ and Early Years Tutors

8+ and Early Years Tutors

Tuition for 8+ and early years

One-on-one tuition can be particularly beneficial for young learners. The early years before senior school are critical for your child’s development, and a good tutor at this age will help to get your child into the best schools which will shape their future. Our tutors will help your child to develop all of the necessary skills for preparatory school admissions success, including English language, mathematics and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.
Our tutors are available 365 days a year and in all areas of London. They can teach students from all different backgrounds and abilities. We offer holiday courses, as well as lessons during term time. All of our tutors work after-school hours, so we can teach your child at the most convenient time for you.

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Preparatory school admissions tuition

The help that we provide in English language, mathematics and verbal and non-verbal reasoning, has helped many of our students to earn full scholarships at prestigious preparatory and secondary schools. All three of these subjects are vital to succeed during the admissions process. Preparatory schools in London are now more competitive than ever, and our tuition will ensure that your child stands out amongst the other candidates. All three of the core subjects we offer are designed specifically with the admissions process in mind, so that your child can impress the top schools with their advanced knowledge of English, Maths and verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

English language tuition for 8+ and early years

Our tutors will help with all aspects of English language, including reading, comprehension, writing, spelling, grammar, punctuation and oral communication. As well as improving your child’s accuracy in the written and spoken language, our early-years tutors give their students the opportunity to develop their imagination and creative-writing skills. A strong command of the English language is one of the main things top preparatory schools look out for in their students. We are aware of the requirements for all of the best preparatory schools in London, and can help your child to flourish during the admissions process.

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Tavistock Tutors has an in-depth recruitment process ensuring we offer the best tutors.



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We charge an industry low commission to make sure students save money.


Mathematics tuition for 8+ and early years

Before starting preparatory or secondary school, it is important that your child has a thorough understanding of a range of mathematical practices. Maths is an important part of the national curriculum, and is compulsory until GCSEs, which are takes at the age of 15 or 16. Many A-level schools will not accept students without a good maths GCSE grade, so it is vital that your child does not fall behind during their younger years. Mathematics is another subject which is strongly taken into account when applying to preparatory or secondary school, and a little bit of extra maths tuition could be just what your child needs to get a place at one of the top establishments.
We teach Key Stage 1 mathematics, usually for children aged 5-7, Key Stage 2 mathematics, for 7-11 year-olds, and Key Stage 3, for 11-14 year-olds. By the age of 8, your child should be well aware of the more basic mathematics, and the subject starts to become a lot more complicated. Areas of mathematics such as trigonometry, algebra and probability are introduced to children from the age of 8. Our tutors can help your child with these more complicated areas, as well as reinforcing the basics, to give them the extra time and support needed to really excel at this vital subject.

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning tuition for 8+ and early years

Our courses in verbal and non-verbal reasoning teach students to develop their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. With the help of our tutors, your child will learn to apply their previous knowledge and mathematical skills, process visual information, follow and observe patterns and rules and develop their spatial awareness. These are all vital life-skills, which help to exercise your brain and are extremely useful and applicable to all subjects across the curriculum. Preparatory schools often test these skills, and our tutors will help your child to excel at this test, so that they can get into the best schools in London.

Qualified and experienced tutors

All of our tutors have graduated from top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. They have extensive experience teaching young children, and know how to make their lessons fun and entertaining for a younger audience. Children do not have the motivation to learn which we gain in adulthood. It is therefore essential that they enjoy their lessons in order for them to learn and improve as fast as possible. Our tutors adapt each lesson to your child’s needs and interests, so that they can learn quickly in an enjoyable atmosphere.

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