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At Tavistock Tutors, we believe that 8+ maths tuition is particularly effective when it comes to giving each child a boost before the next stages of their education. Our professional 8+ maths tutors have had more than enough experience to identify which areas each child needs that extra nudge. At this level, tricky concepts such as trigonometry, algebra, ratio and probability are introduced to kids for the first time and any extra maths preparation at this point can greatly impact their future success.

Away from the classroom and one-on-one, every child gets a personalised one- on-one learning experience that is engaging, productive and fun.

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“I aim to make learning fun whilst also ensuring fast and effective progress. I ensure that I get to know my students' ways of learning as soon as possible in order to tailor my tutoring style to their individual needs. I hope to be able to offer a way of learning different but utterly beneficial to the current exam syllabuses...

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Jake P

I believe that the key to success in physics and mathematics is to develop a firm understanding of the fundamental concepts. Far too often students fall into the trap of “rote learning” the material or “learning to the exam” – memorising the answers to popular questions. This approach is very dangerous as it does not develop an understanding of the...

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Luke T

I focus on helping students to really get a good hold on the key concepts in their syllabus, and to learn how to think in diverse ways to use all their knowledge to overcome problems that they struggle with....

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We spend time carefully finding and interviewing tutors so that you can get the perfect match quickly and easily. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your tutor, we will find a replacement for free.

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