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Professional CV coaching

CVs are one of the most important aspects to get right when searching for a new job or applying for an internship or apprenticeship. Our tutors can provide the coaching and support you need to get your CV just right. We can offer advice on what content to include in your CV, as well as phrasing, formatting, presentation, structure, grammar and punctuation. As well as helping you to write your CV from scratch, we can also review and correct CVs which you have already written, so that they are as impressive as possible by the time you send them out.

It is important for students to start writing their CVs whilst they are still at school, so that they can apply for work experience and placements which will boost their university applications and employment prospects during and after university. Universities and employers strongly favour applicants with work experience as well as academic excellence. We can help you with all kinds of CVs in your search for work experience or full-time jobs in every sector, including finance, law and business. It is important not to use the same CV for every application, and we can help you to tailor your CV to each individual application to maximise your chance of success.

Our approach to CV writing:

We understand the importance of keeping your CV brief and concise, whilst emphasising your best qualities and competencies. It is important that your CV is not too long-winded, and we recommend keeping it down to one page, whilst you are still at school or university. We can help you to cut a lengthy CV without losing any of the important content, which will show your potential employers that you know how to get straight to the point, without wasting time.

We know how to help you prepare any type of CV. We will help with traditional or chronological CVs, as well as skills based CVs, which show what competencies you have developed during your previous experiences. We will help you to work out which type of CV is best suited to the work experience you are searching for, before offering you help before, during and after the writing process.

Help with CV formatting and presentation

The formatting and presentation of your CV is almost as important as the content. Employers will be looking to see good computer skills and a knowledge of Microsoft Word. If your CV is correctly formatted and looks impressive and attractive, employers are much more likely to consider your application. A knowledge of word processors and formatting skills is a highly desirable quality in an employee, as most jobs now involve a lot of work on computers. We can help you to create an impressive format, which will stand out to potential employers.

Help with grammar and punctuation

Another important aspect of your CV is accuracy. Employers receive so many applications that they need to find a way to narrow down their number of potential candidates. Some employers receive so many CVs that they will reject an application simply on the basis of a missing comma or a typo, because this is the only way they can make a final decision. Our CV tutors will check over your CV so that there is no chance that you have made even the slightest error. This will help you to stand out amongst other candidates, who do not have an experienced tutor to check over their work and give a professional outside opinion and corrections.

Experienced and qualified CV coaches

Our CV coaches are hired for their knowledge and experience of the application process. They all have extensive experience in CV writing, and are enthusiastic and passionate tutors. Our CV tutors have graduated from some of the top universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and they have experienced CV writing and coaching for all professions. They are pedantic when it comes to content, format and accuracy, and they will make sure that your CV is the best it can possibly be before it is sent out to potential employers. They will examine the jobs or internships you are applying for to tailor your CV to each application you make, and maximise your chance of finding the perfect work experience for you.

If you are interested in arranging CV writing tuition for yourself or your child, or would like to know more about the services we provide, please contact Tavistock Tutors today.

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