My Passion & How I Inspire

I am an extremely caring and conscientious tutor. I share my passions and love of my subject with my students and encourage them to think deeply about geographical issues. Whilst placing a strong emphasis on a love of learning, I keep my students’ modes of assessments firmly in mind, equipping them with both the knowledge and skills to succeed in their coursework and examinations.

My Experience

1 year private tuition

Tutoring Geography, Oxbridge admissions and interview prep, dissertation support, mentoring, exam technique.

1 year lectureship (Geography- undergraduate and Masters) at Queen Mary, University of London

Lecturing (130+ students), tutorials, seminars, dissertation supervision and marking, conducting university entrance interviews & reviewing personal statements, setting & marking coursework and exams, designing modules, pastoral support, field work leading, career advice.

5 years postgraduate teaching assistant (Geography & Statistics), University of Nottingham

Tutorials, seminars, teaching statistics (large groups and one on one), mentoring, note-taking.

Secondary school outreach teaching

A Level Geography students at the University of Nottingham’s 6th form open days

Year 9 Geography students at Hollygirt School Nottingham

Dance and Drama at Egerton Rothsay School in Berkhamstead.

Overall I have an advanced and in-depth knowledge of the geographical discipline and I have published several peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters from my research. From my experience as a university lecturer I also have direct knowledge of the university admissions process and what makes a stand-out personal statement and interview.

Subjects That I Teach

  • ACT
  • ACT - A-Level
  • ACT - GCSE
  • ACT - Common Entrance
  • ACT - Undergraduate
  • ACT - Postgraduate
  • ACT - Interview Preparation
  • CV Writing
  • CV Writing - A-Level
  • CV Writing - GCSE
  • CV Writing - Common Entrance
  • CV Writing - Undergraduate
  • CV Writing - Postgraduate
  • CV Writing - Interview Preparation
  • Dissertation
  • Dissertation - A-Level
  • Dissertation - GCSE
  • Dissertation - Common Entrance
  • Dissertation - Undergraduate
  • Dissertation - Postgraduate
  • Dissertation - Interview Preparation
  • Essay Writing
  • Essay Writing - A-Level
  • Essay Writing - GCSE
  • Essay Writing - Common Entrance
  • Essay Writing - Undergraduate
  • Essay Writing - Postgraduate
  • Essay Writing - Interview Preparation
  • Geography
  • Geography - A-Level
  • Geography - GCSE
  • Geography - Common Entrance
  • Geography - Undergraduate
  • Geography - Postgraduate
  • Geography - Interview Preparation
  • Mentoring
  • Mentoring - A-Level
  • Mentoring - GCSE
  • Mentoring - Common Entrance
  • Mentoring - Undergraduate
  • Mentoring - Postgraduate
  • Mentoring - Interview Preparation

My Qualifications

The University of Nottingham

PhD in Human Geography 2009-2013

Msc Economy, Space and Society (Distinction) 2008–2009

BA Hons Geography (2.1 – final mark 67) 2005–2008

3 years subsidiary modules in French (Equivalent on A Level)

Aylesbury High School, Buckinghamshire

A Levels (Geography (A), Biology (A), Classical Civilisation (A)) 2003–2005

AS English Literature (B),

GCSEs (7A*s and 3 As) (Including Maths, English and Science all A*s) 2001–2003

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning & Teaching (Distinction).

Queen Mary, University of London

My Reviews

“In the last couple of years Amber has developed a remarkable ability to teach at a range of levels – including school children as part of our outreach programme, sixth form students, undergraduates and Master’s students. Her teaching is both innovative and exemplary.  She has devised a whole series of quite ingenious strategies to engage students and facilitate their learning across a whole range of settings – from small group tutorials through to large scale practical classes and lectures. Amber has carried out a number of tutorials for my tutees and they have all thoroughly enjoyed the classes and independently come to see me saying how beneficial and engaging the classes work. Her tutorial plans are thorough, insightful and the students really do get to grips with some quite complex materials through Amber’s enthusiastic and passionate teaching style. She works diligently, conscientiously and highly effective in all of her teaching activities.”

"I had my final session with Amber last week - she was so helpful. She read over a draft of my dissertation and gave some great feedback!"

My Video Introduction

Fun fact

I love dancing and acting. In 2012 I directed the Oscar Wilde play ‘An Ideal Husband’!