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University Life As An International Student

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I graduated from my school in Barcelona in 2013 and this is my third year studying Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. Since then, I have been able to immerse myself in the fast-paced, enriching environment that being an international student in university provides.

My university is not only world renowned for its academic merits, but it also offers a wide spectrum of societies and extra-curricular activities. I find that it is very fulfilling to collaborate with other students to form a committee that organises events for a society. As Events Officer for the Spanish Society, it has helped me further my communication skills and develop a strong sense of responsibility and team spirit. By being a part of the Hockey ladies’ team I also discovered that teamwork is definitely a key factor to success.

I have met people from all over the world and it has helped me to broaden my horizons and discover new cultures and traditions. I have also made lifelong friends; I can now gladly admit that I have a place to stay in many areas around the globe.

Attending university and being involved in other activities outside the classroom helps one develop a good work-life balance, which will come in great use in the future. In addition, it is a significant learning experience because one is forced to start making important decisions single-handedly by being away from home. University years are an amazing experience, where you start defining yourself and building the person you want to be in the future

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