Politics Easter Revision

The Easter holiday is a critical period in the life of any student. Classes are over for the year, and all that is left to focus on is the looming specter of public exams, not something that fills many with excitement.

It is important to approach these holidays sensibly and to put in place a realistic timetable for revision. Scheduling 10 hours of work per day is obviously unrealistic and also counter-productive, as time will be wasted counting down the minutes and hours in endlessly long days.

I believe, in the case of heavy essay writing subjects, such as Politics, English or History, revision should be topic-centric and not time-centric. Tell yourself that on a certain day you will cover, say elections and political parties. This way, you are not constantly looking at the clock, and can instead focusing on working your way through the syllabus.

My other piece of advice would be to think outside the box. Don’t just trudge through the syllabus. For a subject like politics, read the newspaper, watch the news, or watch Question Time. Focus on topics that interest you, even excite you. Examiners are always impressed by knowledge of current affairs, particularly when applied to any question that one may be answering!

I feel as if the above advice is fundamental to enjoying a productive, and as stress-free as possible, Easter period. It is so important not to feel burned out come the beginning of May!

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