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Welcome, in my new Blog series I intend to focus on the intersection subjects that challenge HR Practitioners. These are the human resource management topics that intersect the dual nature of Human Resources (HR).

The HR Professional’s role is both to protect “the employer from legal claim” and the “employee’s human rights”, to be a Trusted Advisor to Executive Management and be the Employee Champion.

Let’s start by being topical, using Facebook / Cambridge Analytical and Whistleblowing! How does the HR Practitioner balance the competing demands of Employer and Employees on this sensitive subject? Through clarity to start, the organisation’s Policy must be clear – setting out the Employer’s requirements and being clear about the mechanisms that employees can follow when they have a disagreement. These turn into disputes when the policy handbook document details a confusing process.

By thinking through what the consequences will be for the organisation, the HR Practitioner can challenge Executives to detail their position openly and in turn set out and explain to employees/fellow colleagues why the Executive take the view they do. HR Professionals act as the communicator in an organisation – the best exponents deliver clear communication on what can be a very blurred boundary. Real progress will come in the workplace when organisations more consistently start providing an open narrative to explain how the trust element in the Employee’s Contract of Employment becomes integrated into the organisation and meets our human rights as Employees.

The CIPD are a great source for information, by targeting the hardest intersect subjects, Students can become better thinkers and this I strongly believe, will make a better future HR Practitioner – until next time.

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