Business A-Level Revision Tips

Are you a crammer?

Research has shown that students, who cram information before an exam, may pass it but are unlikely to retain the information.

You will have been told that preparation is key when preparing for an exam and deadlines for coursework, but which revision technique do you select?

Highlighter pens, sticky notes, re-reading notes and summarising them are a few common techniques. I remember using these! These certainly do have their place but it is important to understand how your memory works, helping you to determine which technique is most effective.

Visual learners might like testing their knowledge using mnemonics to help recall facts and lists or creating visual representations of the knowledge.

I have found from personal experience that ‘practice testing’ with the use of flash cards to be very effective to aid revision. Start by reading your text book and then make flash cards of the important business terminology, definitions and concepts and then test you self. Or even better get a friend to test you.

The use of flash cards I find to be more effective than just highlighting sections of the text. This technique is very engaging and will help stop your mind wandering.

Having a revision strategy is critical for achieving those top marks, plan ahead. Research has shown that by spreading you study revision over a period of time will help you retain the knowledge. This technique is called ‘distributed practice’.

There are many areas of Business studies you will need to revise, whether it is on business theory, marketing concepts, finance and ratios. You will need a strategy helping you to determine the areas you are stronger in and areas which need developing. So start testing yourself with the use of flash cards and by spreading your revision. Don’t cram the night before!

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