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How To Make A Career Out Of Tutoring

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This article was written by Tavistock Tutors


Why is tutoring such an appealing job?

The reason tutoring appeals to so many is partly due to the flexibility of the position. Tutors are able to create their own schedules and choose their own hours. This means that tutors can decide whether they want those extra few hours in bed on a Monday morning or to spend Fridays writing their novel. Tutors also get great satisfaction by imparting their knowledge onto their students and to see their students thrive in school or at other academic levels.

Becoming a private tutor

Tutoring is a fantastic way for those with a solid background in education and good qualifications to earn a steady income. Becoming a private tutor is relatively easy but making a career out of tutoring is much harder. We would estimate that there are tens of thousands of private tutors in the London area alone and if you use the term “tutoring” more loosely, there could be upwards of hundreds of thousands in London (mentors and mentees within schools and universities would make up a large number of these “tutors” even though they might not charge for their tuition).

To become a private tutor, one needs to meet certain criteria, these include;

-Passion for teaching
-Excellent knowledge on their subjects (not only strong knowledge on exam content but also on topics surrounding the subject. This makes lessons interesting and builds a students passion for the subject by relating it everyday life)
-Good communication skills
-Tutoring and or teaching experience

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If you meet all of the criteria above, you can start tutoring right away and can earn money pretty much straight away. If you are struggling to find clients on your own, we would suggest speaking to tutoring agencies like us who will provide work for you. This saves tutors a lot of time and allows them to focus on what really matters, tutoring.

Career in tuition

Most of you probably wouldn’t have thought tutoring, as a full time career, would be sustainable. You are all wrong! More and more tutors are leaving their day jobs or coming out of teaching in the British school system and moving straight into full time private tuition. Tutors that work with agencies such as Tavistock Tutors can earn £30+ per hour of tutoring. These rates are the lowest within agencies such as Tavistock Tutors and the potential to earn higher hourly rates are endless. If you are tutoring 4 hours a day, 5 days a week at £30 per hour, you can earn £31,200 per year. If you increase your tutoring days to 7 a week, you can earn £43,680 per year.

Meeting all the criteria we mentioned above is great as you can start tutoring and earn money. Meeting these criteria with minimal experience usually means you commence tutoring in the lowest earning bracket (this is not always the case). Building your experience is the best way to start increasing your hourly rates. The more experience you have creates a higher demand for your tutoring services. Subject and exam board specific experience is important to parents, so make sure you specialise and focus on particular areas.

“Experience, experience, experience,” is what our clients are always looking for. If you steadily build your experience over time, you can expect your rates to increase to £50 per hour and at 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, you are looking at earning up to £52,000 per year.

Super tutor territory

This sort of territory becomes very interesting and lucrative for tutors. In these instances, tutors have left jobs at top accounting, finance, legal and consulting firms to work full time in the tutoring industry. These candidates are leaving behind some seriously well paid jobs. Most of these candidates would have been tutoring alongside their job. This means they already have a good understanding that they have what it takes to tutor and they would have been steadily building up vast amounts of tutoring experience.

Tutors of this caliber can usually earn upwards of £100 per hour. Lets take £100 as an example, at 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, tutors earn £104,000 per year.

At Tavistock Tutors, we often get requests for international placements. This involves a tutor either travelling abroad to a students home and working with them for various periods of times or travelling with a student abroad over their holidays. These placements can last for one day all the way up to a few years. Placements are great opportunities for tutors who wish to explore the world. The clients are normally looking for the very best tutors, so experience is essential and the remuneration is great.

Flexible tutoring work

Tutoring is a fantastic industry because the more a tutor puts in, the more that tutor gets out. The more you tutor and the more experience you build will push you up the ranks as a tutor.

If you meet the criteria above, we would suggest looking into becoming a tutor as you might suit it!

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