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    My Experience

    I have been enjoying tutoring English language for three years as private tutor, and also had tutoring as a ‘service’ component of my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award which I completed in June 2017. I helped my student (who I was teaching Czech and English) to get to two prestigious grammar schools in Prague (Grammar School Evolution https://www.gevo.cz/en/ and Grammar School Voděradská).
    With no less vigour, I also tutored the piano and recorder at my international boarding school through March 2019, when I replaced the teacher of seven pupils for a month during her absence.
    I have experience with helping students write articles and essays because from autumn 2017 to spring 2019, I was the Senior Editor of our school’s newspaper OG Chronicle, correcting the students’ articles and giving them feedback on how to improve in their writing, and I am ready to accompany my lessons with editing of any essay pieces that you may need to submit for the IB (IAs or EEs) or which you just want to write for practice. I wrote my EE in History and achieved an A, and the same goes for my ToK essay.


    Subjects I teach

    History IB HL
    Economics IB HL
    German – up to IB SL

    My Qualifications

    In May 2019, I achieved 44 points in IB at the private boarding school OPEN GATE near Prague, with HLs in Economics, History and English Language and Literature. I also decided to take an extra seventh IB subject, and given my love for German, the choice was clear. I obtained a 7 in IB German SL and would love to tutor this language of compound words and rewarding structures to students of any age up to IB SL.

    My Passion And How I Inspire

    I have found fulfilment in working with children and teenagers, which I developed by attending a two-year ‘animator’ course in the Czech Republic where I could cultivate my organizational skills and gain praxis in organizing educative events (conferences etc.) for children and youth. For instance, I was the Student Manager of [email protected] in 2018. As an organized and experienced IB diploma holder, I am eager to pass my experience onto you! I inspire my students through the materials provided, the connections that we can discover together between real life and the subjects studied, and also by being a living example of the fact that a high IB score is perfectly achievable, as long as you know how to prepare!

    My video Introduction

    Fun fact

    In 2014-2015, I spent a year in Barnsley because my family decided to take a sabbatical year in North England! I was in year 9, but had the opportunity to take GCSE Humanities, so I have one GCSE! (With an A* though ;)).

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