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First Year Engineering Courses

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This article was written by Tavistock Tutors


When I applied to read Mechanical Engineering at UCL I knew that it would be tough and would require lots of hard work but what I didn’t realise is how much pressure I would be under. So here are five things to remember when you feel like you can’t cope with an unbelievably intense degree, here is our guide to first year engineering courses:


  1. Engineering re-organises your mind. It is true. Studying any Engineering course will make you think and reason differently and solve problems as pragmatically as possible, which will benefit you both personally and professionally.


  1. Power through, because it´s a very valuable degree. When it comes to getting a job, whether its a part-time job while studying or a placement after graduation, you will find it easier than people with other kinds of degrees. Employers will value your mathematical skills and your work ethic. Having a BEng – or MEng – degree, demonstrates quite clearly that you are a skilled, serious and committed person.


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  1. The rest of your peers are in the same position as you. Although you may be drowning, the rest of the class has as much work to do as you and they have to manage their time too. You must remember that everyone is human; despite the fact that Engineering does change you, you are still part of the human race and as such, you have limitations.


  1. You are at University. “University is a great place to spend the best years of your life”, as I was recently told by a UCL lecturer. It is true. When you’re at that point where you think you don’t have time for sports, societies and good grades all at the same time, think about what you gain from non-curricular activities and from socialising. It is important to find a balance.


5. You got here for a reason. Remember how you got into Engineering. The opportunity doesn’t come by easily; it requires very hard work and persistence, so don’t give up. If somebody thinks you are good enough to be there, you will manage. You just have to believe in yourself and work hard for what you want.



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