How About a Career in Aerospace

Did you know that there are 3500 aeroplanes flying over London every day? That’s 145 planes every hour which means that every minute there are 2 planes taking off from the airports around London.

How can a vehicle that is as heavy as 2,00,000 kg can fly safely around catering for millions of people around the world? This is what got me interested in learning more about it. It is one of the brilliant technologies that mankind has ever created.

There are so many options when considering a career in Aerospace. You can be a Design Engineer and create unique flying objects, Work in the manufacturing unit building the actual massive planes, a Test Engineer making sure the aircraft is safe to fly, or why not just fly the plane itself and have one of the coolest jobs in the world – an Airline Pilot.

The options are immense and the future of Aerospace is very exciting with options for Space Missions to other Planets and Moons, Supersonic planes that can fly from London to New York in just a couple of hours and small Space planes for individual use. We are not very far from the Jetsons Era….

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