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Subjects I teach

Ancient Greek
Classical Civilisation

My Experience

As a first time Classics teacher at an independent school here in London, I am thoroughly familiar with the new GCSE language requirements and feel confident that I can greatly improve the results of any student. I have spent this summer teaching English as a foreign language in a London language school and have been tutoring business German and conversational French to adults. Back in Ireland, I spent a year as a literacy and languages tutor at my universitys voluntary tutoring program. I was also an academic mentor and tutor to first years studying Classical languages in my department. As a private tutor, I have four years of experience tutoring French and German for Junior Certificate (GCSE equivalent) and Latin and Greek all the way up to university standard.

My Qualifications

B.A. (Hons) in Classics, TEFL qualification

My Approach to Private Tuition

I have a wealth of custom-designed materials for language teaching, but which of these I use is entirely up to the client. I believe I have a unique gift for finding what makes people tick, and for harnessing that towards their personal learning goals. By assessing each students strengths and weaknesses, I am constantly tailoring my approach and perfecting teaching techniques to maximise pleasure and performance in my lessons.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

Im ambidextrous. This is very useful during exam season!