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Willie R

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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£50 /hr


My Experience

I have over 3 years of experience of tutoring Maths of various levels, ranging from KS3 to adult learners. Below are some notable ones:
I have been regularly teaching a group of 5 Maths 1st year undergraduates at Imperial College London for over a year.
I have helped 10 students preparing for MAT for admission to Oxbridge and other Russell Group Universities.
I have tutored various students to prepare for GCSE as well as A Level (Edexcel, AQA), including the new specification.
I worked full-time in a tutoring centre for 5 months teaching 40 students IB Maths (both HL and SL) on a 1-1 basis. I also gained the trust of the head tutor to train new tutors!
I have helped a few students prepare for GRE (Quantitative Reasoning) for their graduate admission.


Subjects I teach

Mathematics GCSE, A Level, IB and undergraduate level
MAT (Maths Admission Test)

My Qualifications

MSci Mathematics, Imperial College London
In my 4th year now, expecting a high 1st
On the Dean’s List & top 5% for 3 years in a row
Obtained the President’s Undergraduate Scholarship (the most prestigious scholarship for incoming undergraduate at the time)

A Levels, Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Singapore
3A*s in Maths, Chemistry, Physics
Distinction in a special Further Maths programme (Linear Algebra)
Top student in Maths

My Approach to Private Tuition

I am passionate in mathematical research as well communicating mathematics to others. I marvel its beauty in modelling what can be seen and what cannot be seen, thus I feel that it is important to make my lessons as relatable and interesting as possible and as relevant to your hobbies as possible!! I always try to be adaptable & patient, tailoring the lessons to suit different students’ needs (either exam prep or general support, etc) are met. Whatever your case is, I am ready to help you.

Upon teaching a topic, I tend to split my lessons to 2 categories: technical and problem solving:
My technical lessons will give students all the fundamental knowledge necessary in an interesting/thought-provoking way.
My (self-explanatory) problem-solving lessons are when I sharpen my students’ techniques and boost their confidence in tackling wordy complicated problems in exams.
In both, I will always tailor them to suit students of different backgrounds.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I drink about 4-5 litres of water daily. It’s healthy!