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My Experience

Tutored an undergraduate student for microeconomics (based on the book of Varian: Intermediate Microeconomics)

Tutored a PhD student for dynamic programming (using the lecture notes that were based on the book of Lucas and Stokey: Recursive Methods in Economics Dynamics within the other books)

Tutored an MSc student for macroeconomics (using the lecture notes that were based on the book of Walsh: Monetary Theory and Policy within the other books)

Tutored an MSc student for econometrics (using the lecture notes that were based on the book of Ruud: Classical Econometric Theory, Hayashi: Econometric Analysis of Cross Section and Panel Data)

Tutored a group of undergraduate students for mathematics for economists

Tutored a group of undergraduate students for quantitative methods

Assisted several renown scholars for various scientific projects in the area of empirical finance/financial econometrics, has been a co-author of some of renown scholars

Subjects I teach

Econometrics including time series and cross sectional/panel data methods (all levels)

Microeconomics including consumer/producer theory, general equilibrium theory, informational economics and game theory (all levels)

Macroeconomics including monetary economics and international economics (all levels)

Asset pricing including macro models, derivative pricing and continuous time finance (all levels)

Corporate finance (all levels)

Mathematics for economics and finance inclusive dynamic programming, linear and non-linear optimization (math methods for operations research) and the ‘entrance course’ following the book: Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics of Chiang

Financial econometrics

Quantitative methods

Statistical inference

Statistical analysis


My Qualifications

London Business School: coursework (distinction)

Birkbeck University London: postgraduate certificate in applied statistics (distinction)

NOVA SBE: PhD in finance (distinction)

Tolouse School of Economics: coursework (distinction)

CERGE-EI: Two years of PhD courses in economics (MRes equivalent)

Kharkiv Simon Kuznetz National University of Economics: specialist degree (5 years of undergraduate studies) (1 class equivalent)

My Approach to Private Tuition

It is of primary importance to identify the weaknesses of the student and to address them. In economics and finance subjects, apart from mastering the quantitative skills, it is important to enhance the understanding of the meaning/intuition behind the problem at hand.