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Environmental Studies Tutors

Environmental Studies Tutors

Tavistock Tutors offer environmental studies tuition at all levels in the London area. The environment, and our impact upon it, seems to make the headlines more and more these days. It affects every aspect of our lives, from the way we behave as individuals to the way governments plan for the future. This is why environmental studies is a subject for engaged and informed students who want to understand the world they live in, and help solve the problems we face in developing a sustainable relationship with our environment.

Environmental studies is a growing subject, particularly at degree and postgraduate level but also at A-Level. It is an exciting area of study which combines knowledge from science and geography with complex problem solving and an engaged outlook on the world.

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As environmental studies is a relatively new area of study, the number of private tutors we have is small but highly specialist. We feel it is important to offer support in this increasingly important and vibrant subject and, as such, have highly-qualified and experienced tutors ready to help you achieve your best in this ever more sought-after subject.

Studying such a varied subject – at A-Level, BSc, or MSc – can be as daunting as it is exciting. Environmental studies presents its own particular challenges to students at all levels. It requires up-to-date knowledge of a subject that is changing all the time and students need to master skills across all sorts of different subjects, from biology to geography.

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This is why the support of a knowledgeable and approachable private tutor can be particularly beneficial for environmental studies. Our tutors hold undergraduate degrees and postgraduate qualifications from prestigious universities and have expertise supporting students at top universities as well as school students. They are passionate about their subject and eager to help you progress in your studies.

Tavistock Tutors’ home tutors have excellent academic qualifications from top universities and a wealth of experience working with students at all levels. This includes university-level tuition and writing support. Our one-on-one approach enables you to think through difficult problems with the guidance of a subject expert and clarify difficulties as they arise.


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