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Stefania M

Stefania M

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

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Subjects I teach

Chemistry GCSE
Chemistry IB
Chemistry A-Level
Analytical Chemistry (Undergraduate & Master)
Organic Chemistry (Undergraduate & Master)
Physical Chemistry (Undegraduate)
Food Chemistry (Undergraduate)
Biochemistry (Undergraduate)

My Experience

I have two years of experience on private tutoring with students of every level from GCSE till Degree.

My Qualifications

I have a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Athens and a MSc in Analytical Chemistry from Kings College London.

My Approach to Private Tuition

I think every student is different and has different needs and that is the reason that my approach varries. I am trying to adjust the lesson on the students needs and learning pace.

Client Feedback

What I hear most often from the students is that I make them understand topics that they thought they were too complicated.

Fun fact

I guess a fun fact about me is that I belong to a family of chemists, since both of my parents are chemists and I graduated from the same university as they did!