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Sam R

I would like to help you achieve your goal.

Sam Private Tutor
Sam Private Tutor
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My Experience

Last summer I delivered a two-day intensive course to 8 students which covered the full medical school application process. Topics covered included:
– How to select the perfect combination of medical schools
– How to write your personal statement
– Preparation for UKCAT and BMAT
– Interview techniques and question bank
– Problem solving questions and ethical scenarios

Students were applying for both undergraduate and graduate-entry courses, as well as Oxbridge.

For the past two summers I have also worked as a tutor in medicine and medical school applications for an Oxford. This was geared towards giving prospective students a taste of life at university, with a focus on Oxbridge style tutorials, and supporting their application.

GCSE Maths
During my undergraduate degree I tutored three students in GCSE mathematics.

I worked for an NGO in Guatemala for 3 months, teaching health and nutrition lessons to classes of children aged 8-15.

Oxford University
In weekly tutorials throughout for four years I picked up excellent skills in 1-1 tutoring and teaching difficult concepts in an easy to digest way.

Subjects I teach

Medical school UCAS application
Medical school interview preparation
Oxbridge Applications – Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biology and Chemistry
GCSE Maths

My Qualifications

Distinction – Years 1&2 Medical School
Distinction – Global Health Science MSc – Oxford University
2:1 – Physiological Sciences BA – Oxford University
A – Chemistry A level
A – Biology A level
A – Maths A level
A – Spanish AS
8A*s & 3As GCSE

My Approach to Private Tuition

I find tutoring really rewarding, and especially enjoy preparing students for medical school interview, as it is helping them pursue a great career potentially for the rest of their lives! Having taught students with a range of abilities and backgrounds, I completely understand the need to be a flexible, using different methods of teaching whilst always trying to challenge the pupil, and above all make sure they’re enjoying learning.

Through my own medical school application and prior tutoring, I have broken down interview preparation into six key areas. In line with the student’s weakness and what they’d like to cover, I typically focus each tutorial on one of these areas. For example, a tutorial may start with teaching and discussion of the four pillars of medical ethics, followed by practicing using this knowledge to succinctly answer interview questions.

My video Introduction

Fun fact

I once met the last surviving animal of a now extinct species!